S. California Region

Cyndie Chang

Gareth Chang

Distinguished aerospace and digital technology executive

Andrew J.C. Cherng

Entrepreneur and philanthropist

John Chiang

Innovative politician and State Treasurer, California

Morgan Chu

Distinguished intellectual property and trial lawyer

Julie Fong

Grammy award winning producer

Matt Fong


Ming Hsieh

President and Founder Fulgent Therapeutics / LA Regional Chair

Ming Chen Hsu


Stewart Kwoh

Nationally recognized civil rights leader

Richard Y. Lee

Chairman and CEO of Amsino Medical Group

Lily Lee Chen

First ever Chinese-American female mayor in the U.S.

Herman Y. Li

Chairman of the C & L Restaurant Group

Shu Li

PhD, published author, and ChairmanJ&J Investments

Paul C. Lin

Cross-border corporate transaction specialist

Li Lu

Founder, Himalaya Capital, humanitarian, and economic advisor

Adeline Yen Mah

New York Times bestselling author, a doctor, and Founder & President of the Falling Leaves Foundation

Dominic Ng

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of East West Bank

Edmond Pi

Professor Emeritus at USC

Brian A. Sun

Distinguished trial lawyer

Shao Kuang Ting

Contemporary Artist

H. Roger Wang

Real-Estate Entrepreneur

Shirley Wang

Walter Wang

Accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist

William Wang

Founder, VIZIO

Charlie Woo

International Entrepreneur

Debra Wong Yang

Accomplished Lawyer and Partner of a global law firm

Henry Yang

Chancellor, UC Santa Barbara

Janet Yang

Prominent Hollywood producer

Albert Yu

1941 - 2017

Teddy Zee

Hollywood Producer


The Chinese Market is Altering the Hollywood Playbook

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July 04, 2016 | Tencent

Committee of 100 celebrates Chinese-American success and talent Read more at http://lucire.com/insider/20160502/committee-of-100-celebrates-chinese-american-success-and-talent/#1j7z2wPaKYbyRxv3.99 Read more at http://lucire.com/insider/20160502/committee-of-100-celebrates-chinese-american-success-and-talent/#pZoFp3mV015uGWkX.99

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May 02, 2016 | Lucire

Actress Joan Chen Talks About the Cultural Revolution and Film Censorship

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April 30, 2016 | VOA

China To Become the New Hollywood

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April 30, 2016 | VOA

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