Committee of 100 Statements

Committee of 100 Statements

Nelson Dong
Buck Gee
Clarence Kwan
Cheng Li
Brian A. Sun
Henry S. Tang
Leslie Wong
Charlie Woo
Dennis Wu
Frank H. Wu
Jeremy Wu
Debra Wong Yang
Alice Young

Where and when necessary, Committee of 100 publicly mobilizes resources to defend Asian Americans and advance their issues.

Committee of 100 members actively monitor and act on issues facing the Asian American community and U.S.-China relations through the Issues Committee. As a leadership organization, Committee of 100 may be called on to take public positions or commit resources to defend or advance Asian Americans. As a member of the 1882 Project Steering Committee, Committee of 100 members led the call for and eventual passage of Senate Resolution 201 and House Resolution 683 that formally expressed regret for the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Laws. Most recently Committee of 100 has issued statements concerning racial profiling in espionage cases, as well as addressing tensions in the South China Sea.

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