Capitol Hill Briefings & DC Initiatives

Capitol Hill Briefings & DC Initiatives

Committee of 100 seeks to build long-term capacity as a unique and substantive voice of China-related information on Capitol Hill.

In order to have an impact on our dual missions, it is important that Committee of 100 strengthens relations with policy-makers. Since April 2015 Committee of 100 has organized 6 private educational briefings on Capitol Hill on important U.S.-China topics, engaging nearly 300 congressional participants in the nation’s capital, including current members of Congress, former members of Congress, members of the diplomatic community, and senior congressional staff in both the House and the Senate. In each briefing event, Committee of 100 has sought to address the shortage of reliable information and the lack of balanced debate on Capitol Hill related to U.S.-China relations and Chinese American issues. In doing so, Committee of 100 increasingly serves the role of an “honest broker” for reliable, credible and valuable China-related information, thus becoming a go-to resource for policymakers on U.S.-China relations and Chinese American thought leadership. The long-term goal is to build a consistent and systematic presence on Capitol Hill and enhance Committee of 100’s long-term capacity to engage with leading policymakers on issues critical to our dual mission.

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