Shau Zhang

Partner and Leader of Americas China Overseas Investment, Ernst & Young LLP

Shau Zhang currently serves as the Partner and Leader of Americas China Overseas Investment (COIN) at Ernst & Young LLP (EY). Shau holds an impressive track record in facilitating and managing cross-border trade activities in the billions, including some of the most substantial inbound transactions in history. She is responsible for serving the dynamic needs of cross-border investors and businesses from China operating through EY’s Americas Region (North, Central, Latin, Israel). Shau has advised clients at the C-suite and Chairman level sharing her expertise across various sectors, including real estate, asset management, private equity, university endowment funds, timber funds, biotech, and manufacturing.  

Notably, Shau stands out as one of the few exceptional Chinese talents who ascended to partnership within EY’s US firm, despite not having an accounting or English-speaking background initially (Shau’s second language is Russian). She continues to break barriers as the only Chinese woman serving as a Global Client Service Partner on G360 accounts, ones of the top 100 largest accounts at EY US and EY global, inspiring and attracting top talents to the firm.  

Shau has an MS in Accountancy and an MS in Taxation from Bentley University, Massachusetts, and BS and MS degrees in Power Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She is a Certified Public Accountant in Massachusetts and a member of the MSCPA and AICPA. Shau currently resides in Boston with her husband and three children. During her free time, she enjoys traveling, good food, and taking her beloved corgi HuaHua on walks.  

Pre-pandemic, Shau would travel up to 10 times a year to China to facilitate cross-border discussions and transactions, evidencing her unwavering commitment to advancing US-China relations. Her tireless efforts and generosity have elevated Asian representation on the global stage.  

Shau Zhang generously sponsors and lends her support to various organizations, including the China General Chamber of Commerce-USA (CGCC), the National Committee of US-China Relations, the China Children Pediatric Foundation, and the Asia Society, where she has served on the Corporate Advisory Council. Additionally, in the realm of Arts and Cultural Exchange, Shau holds positions as both a Board Member and Treasurer at the China Institute. She is also a proud sponsor of the Yue Sai Kan One World Foundation.  

Notably, Shau’s role as Chairwoman at Chiao Tung University Alumni Association in America (CTUAAA), her alma mater, reflects her dedication to nurturing alumni engagement, mentorship programs, and entrepreneurship initiatives. Her aim is to empower individuals to reach new heights in leadership within the United States by leveraging her extensive network and resources. 

Shau Zhang is a staunch advocate for education and mentorship, actively contributing by sponsoring and speaking at student-run events, including the prestigious Harvard China Forum. She mentors and guides young Asian American professionals and students in the United States, connecting them with valuable opportunities. 

Shau’s support also extends to international students at institutions such as Boston College (BC), Boston University (BU), Northeastern University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She understands the challenges these students may face, and she proactively builds relationships with them.  

Shau’s passion for education and mentorship is a cornerstone of her commitment to the younger generation and Asian American empowerment. Her actions reflect her deep-seated belief in the importance of giving back and investing in the leaders of tomorrow. 

Shau is a proud member of the Women CEO Club, C-Suite in New York City, where women unite to conquer challenges, gather for inspiration, and uplift each other. Her active involvement in the EY Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs has allowed her to champion and endorse numerous remarkable women entrepreneurs, both at the EY China and global levels. Additionally, she lends her support to The Serica NextGen Initiative, dedicated to propelling the next generation of Asian Americans to even greater heights. 

Awards and Recognition 

Shau Zhang’s outstanding contributions to her profession and her unwavering commitment to the community have earned her an impressive array of awards and recognitions: 

  • Ranked 5th among Top 50 Women Business Leaders of Massachusetts (2022) 
  • Top 50 Asian American Business Leaders in the United States (2016) 
  • The New York State Assembly designated her as an Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award Honoree (2016) 
  • Community Service Award from the Organizing Committee of NECP New Year Gala & Community Enrichment Forum (2016) 
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the US-CHINA Yes Foundation, for her efforts in the Exploring Wall Street Summer Camp, organized by (2021) 
  • Certification of Appreciation from MIT-CHINA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 


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