Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Committee of 100?

The Committee of 100 (C100) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit membership organization composed of Chinese American leaders in a broad range of professions.
Where is C100 located?

C100’s headquarters is located in New York City and it coordinates the Committee’s events and programs in the U.S. The C100 Greater China office is located in Hong Kong and oversees and coordinates outreach activities in the region.
What is C100’s mission?

C100 is committed to a dual mission: (1) encouraging stronger relations between the U.S. and Greater China and (2) encouraging the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life.
When was C100 founded and by whom?

C100 was founded in early 1990. By the end of 1990, a core group of I.M. Pei, Yo-Yo Ma, Shirley Young, Oscar Tang, Henry Tang, and Chien-Shiung Wu had recruited distinguished Chinese Americans from the arts, business, academia, public service, and the sciences to serve on C100.
How many members are there?

C100 has 154 members, they are based across the U.S. and some are in Asia. Its size will remain small since important decisions are made by consensus.
How can I join C100?

Membership in the Committee of 100 is by invitation only to American citizens of Chinese descent. Invitees are individuals who have demonstrated leadership in their respective fields, are active in the Chinese American community, and are willing to commit their resources in the promotion of the Committee of 100’s goals and programs.
How is C100 funded?

C100 is a public and non-profit organization. It is supported by membership dues and donations, voluntary contributions, and corporate sponsorship for annual conferences.
Is the Committee of 100 affiliated or supported by any political group or government?

As an organization, C100 is non-partisan; it is not aligned with any political party in the United States, nor with any of the Asian polarities: Taiwan, PRC, Hong Kong, or Southeast Asia.
What is the C100 position on cross-strait relations?

C100 endorses the “One China” policy spelled out in the U.S.-China communiqués of 1972, 1979, and 1982, which acknowledged China’s position on Taiwan, stating that the U.S. has an “interest in peaceful settlement of the Taiwan question by the Chinese themselves.” C100 therefore believes that U.S. policy should seek to “do no harm” to the Taiwan/China relationship and refrain from altering the balance between the two parties, who should be left to determine their future relationship themselves.
What is the C100 position on U.S.-China relations?

As American citizens, we believe that it is in the United States’ interest to have peaceful relations with China and that this is the key to a stable and prosperous Asia. We believe it is possible to base the bilateral relationship on common ground, with both parties motivated to resolve differences in order to reap the benefits of cooperation on a broad array of issues: economic, defense and security, environmental, scientific, public health and international relations.
What are the domestic issues that concern C100?

C100 works to promote the full participation of Chinese Americans in all areas of American life, especially in the political process. Issues such as education, employment, the glass ceiling, ethnic profiling, civil rights, and immigration are among the topics that C100 members discuss with leaders in government, education, and the business community.

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