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  • I.M. Pei , Master Architect Whose Buildings Dazzled the World, Dies at 102

    May 16, 2019  |  The New York Times

  • I.M. Pei turns 102 years old

    April 02, 2019  |  Autodesk

  • I.M. Pei ’s design of J.F.K. Presidential Library and Museum hailed one of “7 of the Most Iconic Pieces of American Architecture”

    June 26, 2017  |  Popular Mechanics

  • I.M. Pei awarded AIA 2017 25 Year Award for renovation of the Louvre Pyramid

    May 01, 2017  |  Curbed

  • I.M. Pei ’s architectural legacy in D.C. juxtaposes constraint and freedom

    May 03, 2017  |  Washington City Paper

  • I.M. Pei ’s Miho Museum in Japan hosts Louis Vuitton resort 2018 show

    May 15, 2017  |  Architectural Digest

  • I.M. Pei “is one of the world’s most revered architects”, turns 100 years old in April

    March 11, 2017  |  Architectural Digest

  • I.M. Pei monumental Museum of Islamic Art captured in photographs

    March 13, 2017  |  Dezeen

  • I.M. Pei honored with retrospective exhibition in Suzhou

    April 01, 2017  |  Shanghai Daily

  • I.M. Pei Jackie Chan awarded as influencers of 2016 by Phoenix TV

    April 07, 2017  |

  • I.M. Pei turns 100 and the world celebrates

    April 26, 2017  |  Architectural Digest

  • I.M. Pei ’s designed IU Eskenazi Museum of Art undergoes reconstruction

    December 14, 2016  |  NUVO

  • I.M. Pei ’s famous Louvre Museum receives 2017 Twenty-five year award by American Institute of Architects

    December 15, 2016  |  Architectural Digest

  • I.M. Pei ‘s Suzhou Museum is featured on PBS

    November 18, 2016  |  Twin Cities PBS

  • I.M. Pei Chinese photographer Mr. Zhao dedicates exhibit and book to I.M. Pei in honor of his 100th birthday in April 2017

    November 10, 2016  |  PR Web

  • I.M. Pei is honored with lifetime achievement award at the third annual Asia Game Changer Awards

    October 27, 2016  |  Asia Society

  • I.M. Pei visits Asia Society Museum’s New Exhibition

    September 08, 2016  |  Asia Society

  • I.M. Pei is selected as honoree to receive Lifetime Achievement Award from Asia Society

    September 13, 2016  |  Market Wired

  • I.M. Pei is featured in new book Creative Architects

    July 29, 2016  |  Boing Boing

  • I.M. Pei Designer Carolina Herrera attributes inspiration for Spring 2015 ad campagin to C-100 member and founder, I.M Pei.

    March 05, 2015  |  Architectural Digest


I.M. Pei 1917-2019


World famous Architect and Founder, Committee of 100

IEOH MING PEI was born in Suzhou, China in 1917. At age 17 he came to the U.S. to study architecture, and received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from MIT in 1940, and his M.Arch from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in 1946. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1954.

I. M. Pei has designed some of the most iconic and beloved architectural masterpieces in the world. He gained acclaim for his designs of the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington (1978), the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston (1979), the Grand Louvre in Paris (1989), and Miho Museum in Shiga, Japan (1997). He completed three projects in his native China: the Fragrant Hill Hotel in Beijing (1982), the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong (1989), and the Suzhou Museum in Suzhou (2006), each designed to graft advanced technology onto the roots of indigenous building and thereby sow the seed of a new, distinctly Chinese form of modern architecture. His latest completed project is the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha (2008).

He has been recognized internationally with the highest honors in architecture, arts and letters, and public service, among them the AIA Gold Medal (1979), the Grande Médaille d’Or of the Académie d’Architecture de France (1982), the Pritzker Architecture Prize (1983), the Japanese Art Association’s Praemium Imperiale (1989), and the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture of the Royal Institute of British Architects (2010). Mr. Pei is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a Corporate Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Design, and the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.


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