Anti-Hate Glossary

Anti-Hate Glossary

Xenophobia in the U.S. towards Chinese Americans and the larger AAPI population often manifests across a myriad of words, phrases, and tropes. The COVID-19 crisis and irresponsible rhetoric by political leaders have fueled a surge of discrimination and hate targeting Asian Americans – but the idea of framing “outsiders” as threatening is not new. Even well-meaning individuals with strong political or policy backgrounds can miss what seems obvious to someone more learned in these discussions. To help combat this issue, Committee of 100 crafted an anti-hate glossary as a guide for identifying terms, phrases, and imagery often associated with the Asian community. The glossary can serve as an accessible reference with examples to illustrate the types of language to combat.

Download the updated Committee of 100 Anti-Hate Glossary here
Anti-Hate Glossary
Fighting Back Against Hate: Language and the Power of Racist Words
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Committee of 100 Launches Language Glossary To Help Combat Hate And Xenophobia Towards Asian Americans
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