Asian American Career Ceilings

Anla Cheng
Buck Gee
Gary Locke
Janet Yang
Alice Young
Peter Young
Yu (Ben) Meng

The Asian American Career Ceilings Initiative is series of events convened by the Committee of 100 that will examine the challenges facing Chinese Americans and other Asian Americans with regard to barriers to advancement in a wide variety of professions in the U.S. The goal of this initiative will be to contribute to the already significant efforts of organizations and individuals who have been tackling this issue.

The goal of the Asian American Career Ceilings initiative is to lead and/or contribute to the significant efforts of individuals and organizations who have been tackling the “bamboo ceiling” challenges for the AAPI community. Led by Committee of 100 Member Peter Young, the topics for these monthly discussions rotate on key topics ranging from the arts, history, music, business, finance, and education.

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