Asian American Career Ceilings: Women in Corporations

Peter Young
Deborah Liu
Jenny J. Ming

On June 22, 2021, we presented the fourteenth Committee of 100 Asian American Career Ceilings Initiative webcast, a fireside chat on the topic of “Asian American Career Ceilings: Women in Corporations” featuring Deborah Liu, CEO of and Jenny J. Ming, CEO coach/mentor, Merryck & Co; former CEO of Charlotte Russe; and Co-founder and former President of Old Navy.

Peter Young, Chair of the Initiative and a Committee of 100 Member, moderated. After the fireside chat there was a Q&A session and a 30 minute networking and meet the panelist period.

This webinar was the fourteenth in a series of events convened by the Committee of 100 that examine the challenges facing Chinese Americans and other Asian Americans with regard to barriers to advancement in a wide variety of professions in the U.S. The goal of this initiative is to contribute to the already significant efforts of organizations and individuals who have been tackling this issue.

Asian Americans have been successful in the U.S. in terms of education and overall economic progress, but they have been very underrepresented historically when it comes to leadership positions in the U.S. Although there has been an improvement over time, there is still a significant gap that has not been closed.

This event was a fireside chat interview of two Asian American pioneers in corporate America. They spoke about their view of the Asian American Career Ceiling problem, with a focus on the special challenges facing Asian American women. Jenny Ming grew up in the world of retail and Deborah Liu has done the same in technology, so we got a diversity of perspectives from two important sectors of the economy. In addition to sharing perspectives from their personal experiences, they also commented on what they have observed more broadly. They also spoke about what each person can do to overcome the obstacles facing Asian American women.

The event was held via Zoom webinar on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 8pm ET.

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