Asian American Career Ceilings

The Asian American Career Ceilings Initiative is series of events convened by the Committee of 100 that will examine the challenges facing Chinese Americans with regard to barriers to advancement in a wide variety of professions in the U.S. The goal of this initiative will be to contribute to the already significant efforts of organizations and individuals who have been tackling this issue.

This first event will be a fireside chat that will focus on how serious the problem is and whether there are differences by profession, geography and other factors. Our two distinguished panelists will share what they have observed and the views of other experts. They will also comment on the data that they have compiled or that they will cite from other important sources.

A second webcast will be held on February 18 at 5 pm EST titled “Personal Asian Career Ceiling Experiences” Our distinguished speaker will share his career experiences and the factors behind his successful career and reaching his current position. In particular, he will comment not only on the promotion obstacles faced, but the things that each person can do to overcome those obstacles, the lessons learned, the importance of mentorship, and the role that luck plays along the way.

In addition, there will be a seminar/conference in New York City, which is now postponed due to the coronavirus crisis and will be rescheduled for late summer or early in the fall of 2020 and will cover the following topics with a number of panels and town hall discussions: “How Serious is the Problem?”, “What is Being Done to Help Solve the Problem?”, “What Else Can be Done?”, and “Personal Experiences”.

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