Asian American Career Ceilings: Corporate Journeys and Ethnic Differences

Peter Young

This Committee of 100 Asian American Career Ceilings Initiative webinar featured a fireside chat on the topic of “Corporate Journeys and Ethnic Differences” on July 6, 2023, from 4:00pm to 5:00pm ET. The webinar included three leading Asian American executives from three different Asian American ethnicities: Chinese American, Japanese American, and Indian American. The panelists were Jenny Ming, CEO coach/mentor, ExCo Leadership; former CEO of Charlotte Russe; and Co-founder and former President of Old Navy; Raj Ratnakar, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer for DuPont; and Ken Tanji, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer of Prudential Financial, Inc. Peter Young, Chair of the Committee of 100 Asian American Career Ceilings Initiative and a Committee of 100 Member, was the moderator. The panelists discussed the obstacles to advancement that they have overcome in their corporate careers, differences between various Asian American ethnicities, and how those differences manifest themselves in terms of career advancement and their advice about achieving success in corporate America as an Asian American.

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