The Past, Present & Future

On May 16, in celebration of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we presented in conjunction with the Chinese American Heritage Foundation, Committee of 100: The Past, Present and Future of Chinese Americans in Today’s Society.” The fireside chat was moderated by Richard Liu (Anchor and Journalist, MSNBC / NBC News), featuring Gary Locke (Former U.S. Ambassador to China, Secretary of Commerce & Governor of Washington), Henry S. Tang (Managing Partner, Carnegie Towers Strategic Investment Advisory), and Oscar Tang (Expert on Chinese Culture and Art, noted philanthropist Tancura LLP) as speakers.

The event took place via Zoom webinar on May 16, 2021 at 8pm ET.

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The Past, Present & Future

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Richard Lui

NBC / MSNBC News Anchor

Gary Locke

The first Chinese-American ambassador to China

Henry S. Tang

Managing Partner of Carnegie Towers Strategic Investment Advisory

Oscar Tang

Expert on Chinese Culture and Art, noted philanthropist

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