Strategic Lessons from within China for Responding to COVID-19

David D. Ho
Richard Lui

Committee of 100’s teleconference series: Strategic Lessons from within China for Responding to COVID-19

Committee of 100 (C100) is launching a teleconference series, Strategic Lessons from within China for Responding to COVID-19. The series featured business executives and education leaders with experiences on the ground in China responding to the coronavirus, offering timely and actionable advice to American job creators and educators.

With each passing day, American job creators are concerned about how the outbreak will impact not only their bottom line, but the livelihoods of their employees. Meanwhile, schools and universities are closing to protect their students, faculty, and staff. Americans are feeling fearful and uncertain, and would benefit greatly from hearing from leaders within China who have struggled with and navigated similar complexities.

The series included a discussion featuring C100 members Dr. David Ho moderated by Richard Lui, on Wednesday, 3/25 at 2pm ET.

Another session featured Dr. Anning Chen, CEO of Ford China on March 30 at 9pm Eastern Time. The sessions were moderated.

We hope to develop this as a continuing series that will address additional perspectives such as supply chain management, remote learning and teaching, crisis management planning, employee compensation strategies, among others.

Please check out our other C100 Strategic Lessons events on our YouTube page.


David Ho
CEO & Scientific Director, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center

David D. Ho, M.D. is the founding Scientific Director and CEO of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, as well as the Irene Diamond Professor at The Rockefeller University. He has been at the forefront of HIV/AIDS research since the beginning of the epidemic. His elegant studies unveiled the dynamic nature of HIV replication in vivo and revolutionized our basic understanding of this horrific disease. This knowledge led Dr. Ho to champion combination antiretroviral therapy that resulted in unprecedented control of HIV in patients since 1996. AIDS mortality has declined dramatically, and over 21 million patients worldwide have benefitted from combination antiretroviral therapy. Dr. Ho has been a major driving force behind this major medical breakthrough in what is arguably the worst plague in human history. He is now devoted to developing novel strategies to prevent HIV infection. For his accomplishments, Dr. Ho has been recognized in multiple ways, including fourteen honorary doctorates and election to the US National Academy of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Academia Sinica. He was named Time Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1996, and was the recipient of a Presidential Medal in 2001.

Richard Lui
News Anchor, MSNBC and NBC News

Richard Lui has been an MSNBC dayside anchor since September 2010. He has anchored some of the network’s major breaking stories, including the 2011 debt-ceiling debate, the Arab Spring, and the deficit super committee failure. His daily reports have included the Tea Party movement, candidates’ social media strategies, and the link of unemployment to electability.

Before joining MSNBC, Lui spent five years at CNN Worldwide, most recently with CNN Headline News as the solo anchor of the 10 a.m. hour of “Morning Express.” He led the network’s morning political reporting throughout the 2008 presidential election. Lui occasionally is a guest on political talk shows The Bill Press Show and The Stephanie Miller Show.

Lui attended UC Berkeley majoring in the political economy of industrial society, later graduating with a B.A. in rhetoric. He received his M.B.A. from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and is enrolled at Stanford University in its program in International Security.

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