C100 Members Gather for Holiday Dinner in Beijing, China

​On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, the Committee of 100 Greater China members gathered at the China Club near the historic Ritan Park in Beijing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year and welcome San Francisco based member Doreen Woo Ho. Greater China Co-Chairs Dazong Wang and Howard Li, and C100 members Handel Lee, Jeffrey Li, and Carter Tseng attended the holiday dinner.

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C100 Members gathered in Beijing, China for a holiday dinner. Left to Right: Handel Lee, Dazong Wang, Jeffrey Li, Doreen Woo Ho, Carter Zeng, Kay Wing Tang, Howard Li, Ming Ho.

C100 Member Jeffrey Li and his wife Ming Ho graciously hosted the dinner. Greater China Co-Chair Dazong Wang reviewed C100’s activities in the Greater China region during 2016, and updated participants on plans for the new year. Members had thoughtful discussion on the latest political development in the U.S. and its impact on the U.S.-China relations.


C100 Members gathered in Beijing, China for a holiday dinner. Left to Right: Kay Wing Tang, Carter Zeng, Handel Lee, Dazong Wong, Doreen Woo Ho, Jeffrey Li, Ming Ho, Howard Li


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Dazong Wang

Business management expert

Howard Li

International business leader / Greater China Regional Chair

Handel Lee

Senior Partner at Asia's largest law firm

Jeffrey Li

Founder and CEO of GL Capital Group

Carter Tseng

World-class leader in Information and Communication




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