C100 Members Meet with Minister Qiu Yuanping in Los Angeles

On February 21, 2016, C-100 hosted a luncheon meeting with Minister Qiu Yuanping and a delegation from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council at the headquarters of East West Bank in Pasadena, CA.  C-100 members who participated in the luncheon included two generations of C-100 Chairs — Acting Chair Herman Li and Former Chair Dominic Ng — along with SoCal Regional Co-Chairs Stewart Kwoh and Charlie Woo, C-100 Legal Counsel Paul Lin, C-100 members Lily Lee Chen, Andrew Cherng, Ming Hsieh, David Lee, Richard Lee, John Long, Li Lu, Edmond Pi, Roger Wang, Walter Wang and Frank H. Wu.

During the meeting, Minister Qiu lauded C-100’s efforts in advancing U.S.-China relations and in promoting the rights of Chinese communities across the U.S. Minister Qiu noted that C-100 members are best positioned to understand the cultures, languages, and histories of both the U.S. and China, and are therefore integral to building trust and understanding between the two countries and their peoples.

Various collaborations were discussed between C-100 and Minister Qiu’s office at the State Council. Minister Qiu concluded the meeting by sending her well wishes for the success of the upcoming 2016 Annual Conference in Los Angeles.


Committee of 100 Member Frank Wu, Acting Chair Herman Li, and Former Chairman Dominic Ng (from left to right). Photo credit: Francisco Arechiga, East West Bank


Committee of 100 members with a delegation from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. Photo credit: Francisco Arechiga, East West Bank


Minister Qiu presenting a scroll to C-100 Acting Chair, Herman Li, to extend her best wishes to C-100. Photo credit: Francisco Arechiga, East West Bank


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Herman Y. Li

Chairman of the C & L Restaurant Group

Dominic Ng

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of East West Bank

Stewart Kwoh

Nationally recognized civil rights leader

Charlie Woo

International Entrepreneur

Paul C. Lin

Cross-border corporate transaction specialist

Lily Lee Chen

First ever Chinese-American female mayor in the U.S.

Andrew J.C. Cherng

Entrepreneur and philanthropist

Ming Hsieh

President and Founder Fulgent Therapeutics / LA Regional Chair

Richard Y. Lee

Chairman and CEO of Amsino Medical Group

Li Lu

Founder, Himalaya Capital, humanitarian, and economic advisor

Edmond Pi

Professor Emeritus at USC

H. Roger Wang

Real-Estate Entrepreneur

Walter Wang

Accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist

Frank H. Wu

Distinguished Academic




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