C100 Chairman, Founder, and New York Staff Meet with the Hurun Research Institute

Clarence Kwan
Henry S. Tang

On September 30, C-100 Chairman Clarence Kwan and Founder Henry Tang met with Rupert Hoogewerf, Chairman and Chief Researcher at the Hurun Research Institute; Elizabeth Harrington, U.S. Publisher at Large of the Hurun Report; and Bill Liu, Executive Director, North America of the Hurun Report. C-100 Acting Executive Director Holly Chang, Director of Public Relations An Ping, and Director of Administration Michael Jee also participated in the meeting.

C-100 members and staff meet with the Hurun Research Institute

Hurun representatives discussed their recently-launched 2014 Philanthropy List, which ranks the 100 most generous individuals from Mainland China. Hurun and C-100 explored potential avenues for future collaboration and noted the accomplishments of both organizations in raising the profile of Chinese and Chinese American entrepreneurs.

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