Asian American Career Ceilings: Obstacles in Academia

Peter Young
Frank H. Wu
Guiyou Huang
Gordon H. Chang


This Committee of 100 Asian American Career Ceilings Initiative virtual event featured a fireside chat on the topic of “Obstacles in Academia,” and occurred on July 20, 2023. The panelists included three leading Asian American academics from three universities: Gordon H. Chang, Professor of History, Stanford University; Guiyou Huang, President, Western Illinois University; and Frank H. Wu, President, Queens College. All three speakers are also members of Committee of 100. Peter Young, Chair of the Committee of 100 Asian American Career Ceilings Initiative and a Committee of 100 Member, was the moderator. Panelists discussed obstacles to advancement that they had to overcome throughout their academic careers, the current severity of the issue, what they feel must change systemically in academia in order to solve the problem, and advice they would give to attendees who are presently rising in the academic system.

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