On Philanthropy: A Conversation with Oscar Tang, Ronnie Chan and Steve Schwarzman | Committee of 100

American philanthropy in China has a long and illustrious history, dating back over a century. In the last decade, a new form of Chinese philanthropy has emerged with great potential, but not without great challenge. In this session, three iconic and pioneering philanthropists motivated to promote social and educational advancement far from their home countries shall explore the current forces shaping global philanthropy, the opportunities, rewards, and challenges facing American and Chinese philanthropists, and the implications for US-China relations.

0:34 Oscar Tang, Committee of 100 Co-Founder; Philanthropist
3:53 Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO, Blackstone
15:04 Ronnie Chan, Chairman, Hang Lung Properties

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Oscar Tang

Expert on Chinese Culture and Art, noted philanthropist

Ronnie Chan

Eminent leader in philanthropy




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