2017 Annual Conference

We were honored to be joined by so many long-time supporters and distinguished guests at our Gala and Summit on May 19 and 20, 2017. Immense gratitude to our members, speakers and sponsors for making it all possible.

Photo Highlights


Wide-angle C100 member photo v2 (with Shirley)

DSC_3731 Keith copy

IMG_9743 Keith copy

IMG_9764 Keith copy

BR_Gala Watermarked-25

IMG_9852 Keith copy

BR_Gala Watermarked-44


*Crystal awards for 2017 Leadership Award for Advancing U.S.-China Relations donated by Tiffany & Co.


BR_Gala Watermarked-39

TR_Watermarked-3 TL_Gala Watermarked-5

BL_Gala Watermarked-2

TL_Gala Watermarked-19

TL_Gala Watermarked-2 BR_Gala Watermarked-30

BR_Gala Watermarked-28 TL_Gala Watermarked-3

IMG_9970 Keith copy IMG_9961 Keith copy 71-7069 Benjamin Wu summit Bowen copy

DSC_9980 Keith copy

IMG_0061 Keith copy IMG_0026 Keith copy IMG_0047 Keith copy

46-6887 Panel 1 Cheng Li, Stape Roy, Dennis Wilder, Debroah Lehr laughing Summit Bowen copy

DSC_0005 Keith copy

65-7017 Dan Rosen speaking Bowen copy

96-7271 Bowen copy

101-7314 ted lieu speaking charlie woo summit Bowen copy

DSC_4019 Keith copy 106-7355 charlie woo closeup summit Bowen copy

121-7434 debra wong yang chinese american journeys summit Bowen copy DSC_4096 Keith copy

DSC_4120 Keith copy DSC_0346 Keith copy

DSC_4071 Keith copy

DSC_4079 Keith copy DSC_0248 Keith copy

165-7892 george koo media panel david ignatius victor yuan yan mei kaiser kuo summit Bowen copy

152-7758 george koo david ignatius victor yuan summit Bowen copy DSC_4172 Keith copy

DSC_4163 Keith copy DSC_4187 Keith copy DSC_4192 Keith copy

DSC_0312 Keith copy

DSC_4226 Keith copy 178-8012 janet yang robert daly soft power panel summit Bowen copy

179-8016 oscar tang soft power panel summit Bowen copy DSC_0287 Keith copy

DSC_4247 Keith copy DSC_4273 Keith copy-1

DSC_4213 Keith copy 180-8024 Bowen copy DSC_4260 Keith copy

DSC_4257 Keith copy 176-7988 robert daly soft power panel summit Bowen copy 191-8178 charles boustany closing remarks summit Bowen copy

DSC_0327 Keith copy

DSC_0339 Keith copy 01-6977 Bowen

DSC_0364 Keith copy

DSC_0347 Keith copy DSC_0350 Keith copy

20-7060 Bowen copy

40-7204 next gen national press club Bowen copy 43-7233 next gen national press club Bowen copy

72-7351 henry tang mentoring next gen national press club Bowen copy 41-7205 next gen members herman li linda tsao yang national press club Bowen copy

44-7235 charlie woo next gen national press club Bowen copy 49-7245 charlie woo frank h. wu next gen national press club Bowen copy

54-7277 sue van mentoring next gen national press club Bowen copy 64-7307 Bowen copy

66-7326 henry tang next gen group photo national press club Bowen copy

80-7427 frank h. wu national press club Bowen copy 84-7460 sue van national press club Bowen copy

92-7512 brian sun national press club Bowen copy 97-7550 nelson dong white paper national press club Bowen copy

127-7740 michelle lee national press club Bowen copy

142-7827 debra wong yang laughing town hall national press club Bowen copy 137-7796 bob gee michelle lee benjamin wu debra wong yang national press club town hall Bowen copy

164-7969 henry tang linda tsao yang michael lin town hall national press club Bowen copy

78-7389 frank h. wu wide shot national press club Bowen copy 49-7245 charlie woo frank h. wu next gen national press club Bowen copy

Thank you



Conference Co-Chairs

Robert W. Gee, President, Gee Strategies Group LLC
Frank H. Wu, Chair, Committee of 100
Benjamin Wu, Maryland Deputy Secretary of Commerce
Charlie Woo, CEO, Megatoys


Planning Committee Members

Herman Li, CFO, Committee of 100; Chairman, C&L Group
Henry Tang, Managing Partner, Carnegie Towers Strategic Investment Advisory, C100 Governor
George Koo, Regular Contributor, Asia Times


C100 Staff

Holly Chang, Executive Director
Michael Jee, Director of Administration
Emily Jiang, Program Associate
Christina Lu, Program Associate
Winston Chen, Senior Associate and Greater China Coordinator
Sharon Owyang, Senior Associate for Research
Bridget Riley, Communications Associate


Conference Support

Capitol Counsel
Capitol Host
CSI Washington, DC
Elegance & Simplicity, Inc.
Encore Decor
Indigo Ink
JW Marriott Washington
Kirsten Fedewa & Associates
Restaurant Associates
Richmond Concept (design)
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center


Special Acknowledgements

Julie Fong, C100 member
Marty Gold
Allegra Han
Peter Liang
Serena Shiyun Lin
Toni Wang McNicoll
Brad Wong
Shelly Zhao



Alisha Wei Bi
Zezhou Cai
Shiying Chen
Winston Chen
Yang Chen
Marcus Chiu
Hannah Colbath
Tong Jia
Jixuan Li
Miaosu Li
Shuxian Luo
Yuexi Luo
Harini Manikandan
Xin Nie
Sandy Pho
Faye Pu
Chung Hei Sing
Lang Wang
Benjamin Xia
Mingzhe Yang
Jianan Ye
Hao Zhang
Shuo Zhang
Yiou Zhang


Press Coverage




C100 Poll: American and Chinese perceptions of the U.S. and China are falling

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June 05, 2017 | The China Press

Slowly But Surely, Chinese Americans Are Getting Political

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May 25, 2017 | China Daily

Chinese citizens’ trust in the United States declines

Link to article >>

May 23, 2017 | Reference News

To Achieve International Prosperity, There needs to be Interdepedence

Link to article >>

May 22, 2017 | China Economic Net

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