The Committee of 100 Commends the Nomination of Member Gary Locke as Secretary of Commerce

The Committee of 100 Commends the Nomination of Member Gary Locke as Secretary of Commerce

(New York, NY-February 25, 2009)–The Committee of 100 (C-100) is pleased to congratulate former Washington Gov. Gary Locke, C-100 member since 2005, upon his nomination as Secretary of Commerce by President Barack Obama.

Locke is the nation’s first and only Chinese American governor, and is currently a partner in the prominent Seattle law firm of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.

A two-term governor, Locke’s gubernatorial organizational and managerial accomplishments have been widely recognized. He will bring these skills and experience to the Obama Administration.

Locke helped solve some of his state’s most daunting economic challenges. He was instrumental in helping Washington State companies expand globally, especially in emerging markets, and played a central role in fostering economic relations between Greater China and Washington State.

His understanding of complex U.S.-China political and economic relationships also earned him the trust and respect of top Chinese government officials and business leaders, important relationships for the Secretary of Commerce that will serve the nation well. In 2006, he helped organize Chinese President Hu Jintao’s trip to Seattle, Hu’s only other American stop on his way to meet with President George W. Bush.

Committee of 100 Chairman and retired U.S. Army Major General John L. Fugh comments, “We agree with President Obama that Gary is the right man for the job as Commerce Secretary. His outstanding leadership skills and extensive experience in international trade and government relations are crucial for our nation to recover and prosper. We applaud his nomination.”

Locke joins other C-100 members and advisors who have been nominated for important positions in the Obama administration. C-100 member Ivan K. Fong was recently nominated as General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and C-100 advisor Gen. Eric Shinseki was nominated as Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Founded in 1989, the Committee of 100 is a national nonpartisan, non-profit membership organization comprised of prominent Chinese Americans in a broad range of professions. With their knowledge and experience, the Committee has committed to a dual mission: (1) encouraging constructive relations between the peoples of the U.S. and Greater China, and (2) encouraging the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life. For more information, please visit:


Contact: S. Alice Mong

Executive Director

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(2009年2月25日纽约)— 百人会祝贺其会员、前华盛顿州州长骆家辉先生 被美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马提名为美商务部部长。骆家辉自2005年加入百人 会。

骆家辉是美国首任、也是唯一一位华裔州长。他目前是西雅图知名律师事务 所Davis Wright Tremaine的合伙人。

身为连任两届的州长,骆家辉的组织和领导才能是公认的。他必将这些经验 和技能为奥巴马政府作出贡献。

在担任州长期间,骆家辉出力解决了许多华盛顿州的最严峻的经济问题,他 为促进华盛顿州发展国际贸易、特别是与拓展中国家的经贸往来发挥了核心 作用,他还有力推动了该州与大中华地区的经济往来与合作。

他对复杂的中美政治经济关系的认知和见解也使他赢得了中国高层领导人和 商界领袖的信任和尊重。作为商务部长,这将更好地满足国家的需要。在 2006 年,他协助组织在西雅图接待胡锦涛主席访美,这是胡锦涛在访问小 布什总统途中在美唯一停留的一站。

百人会会长、美国陆军退休将军傅履仁评论说:“百人会赞同奥巴马总统的 决定,骆家辉是担任商务部长的正确选择。他杰出的领导才能及其在国际贸 易和政府关系方面的丰富经验对于帮助美国走出经济困境、走向繁荣至关重 要。我们对他的提名表示赞扬”。

除骆家辉被奥巴马提名为其管理团队的重要成员之外,百人会会员方富宇日 前被提名为国安部总顾问,百人会顾问辛塞奇将军则被任命为退伍军人部部 长。

美国百人会成立于1989年,由来自各个领域的杰出美国华裔组成,是 一个非党派、非盈利的全国性会员组织。依靠会员们的知识与资源,百人会 致力于两大宗旨:(1)促进中美间建设性的关系;(2)推动美国华裔 全面参与美国社会。欲求更多信息请参阅。


联系人:孟淑娟 执行总监

T. 212-371-6565

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