C100 Concludes 25th Anniversary Celebrations Featuring Top U.S. and Chinese Leaders

The Committee of 100 Concludes Its 25th Anniversary Celebrations Featuring Top U.S. and Chinese Leaders Fostering Stronger Ties Between U.S. and China

Dr. Henry Kissinger, Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai, former U.S. Ambassadors Gary Locke and Stapleton Roy, Stephen Schwarzman , and former NASA Commander Leroy Chiao gathered to celebrate the progress achieved between the cultures and people of China and the U.S.

New York, April 27, 2015—The Committee of 100—the first and longest-standing organization of prominent Chinese Americans, founded in 1990 by individuals such as I.M Pei and Yo-Yo Ma—successfully concluded its 25th anniversary celebrations with current and former U.S. and Chinese government officials including Dr. Henry Kissinger, U.S. Ambassadors Gary Locke and Stapleton Roy, along with other diplomats and business leaders such as Stephen Schwarzman and Ronnie Chan, who praised the organization for effectively promoting the U.S.-China relationship.

The organization’s co-founders commenced the 25th anniversary celebrations with a high-level Gala, where they reflected on their accomplishments since the organization’s founding. “China was a very different place 25 years ago,” said Shirley Young, a co-founder of the Committee of 100 who addressed the state of China-U.S. affairs at the time of the founding of the organization. “Frankly, there was a lack of understanding on China,” she continued.

Hundreds of U.S. and Chinese luminaries joined the Committee of 100 Gala Dinner on April 9th, where former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger delivered a keynote speech discussing the progress in U.S.-China relations and the significance of the Committee of 100 in encouraging constructive dialogues to build bridges between the two countries.

“Today we interact all over the world, but the effort and the cooperation between the U.S. and China is essential for the peace of the world,” said Dr. Henry Kissinger, who addressed the evolution of the cultural and political ties between the United States and China at the event. “Any great achievement needs an inspiration. Both of the us can only benefit from partnership, and the presidents of both countries have dedicated themselves.”

At the dinner, the Committee of 100 presented Niu Gensheng, Honorary Chairman of the Lao Niu Foundation, and Sue Van, President of the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, with the Philanthropy Excellence Award.

On April 10th, the Committee of 100 convened a group of Chinese and American forward-thinking leaders involved in philanthropy, investment, and policy-making to discuss strategic opportunities and challenges between both the United States and China.

Congresswoman Grace Meng, U.S. Representative for New York’s 6th District, congratulated the Committee of 100 on its 25th anniversary, during her opening remarks at the Summit. “We thank the Committee of 100 for all their wonderful work and leadership. Chinese Americans have worked for enormous achievements, but the Committee of 100 has aided in the narrative,” said Congresswoman Meng.

The Summit featured discussions on global and cross-border philanthropy with Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman and C-100 member Ronnie Chan; conversations about Chinese Americans and the upcoming 2016 federal elections were held with representatives from both the Democratic National Committee and Republican Party, and remarks from the Chinese Consul General in New York, Ambassador Zhang Quiyue, who said the events were an educational experience. “I learned a little bit of the history of the Committee of 100 and very much was touched by your courage and tenacity to foster greater mutual understanding and setting up a constructive dialogue between our two countries even in trying times,” said Ambassador Zhang.

The 25th anniversary celebrations of the Committee of 100 were sponsored by Clarence & Chin-lin Sha Kwan, J.T. Tai & Co. Foundation, Guoqing Chen, Louis XIII, Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie C. Chan, Tiffany & Co., United Airlines, Waitex, and numerous other supporters.

For more information about the Committee of 100 and its 25th anniversary, visit www.committee100.org.


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