Committee of 100 to Build Exhibit “The Chinese in America” at the USA Pavilion

Committee of 100 to Build Exhibit “The Chinese in America” at the USA Pavilion

(New York- December 18, 2009)– Committee of 100 (C100), in partnership with the USA Pavilion, will build an exhibit entitled, “The Chinese in America – We are Family” at the USA Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. The exhibit will demonstrate America’s unique strengths as a nation: embracing diversity, offering freedom of choice and an opportunity for success for all.

To create this exhibit, C100 plans to rally people of Chinese descent across America to submit headshots to create a Wall – “The Chinese in America” – of photographs organized by Chinese family name to demonstrate that “We Are Family.” In January 2010, C100 will launch a public outreach campaign in traditional and digital media (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) to encourage Chinese Americans to upload their photos to show the face of the United Chinese of America.

The exhibit will also feature Chinese Americans who have contributed to important aspects of American life such as technology, the environment, the arts, sports, business, community service and government. It will show how America, as a cradle of freedom, helped shape these extraordinary pioneers. The effort will serve as a platform for grassroots fundraising for the USA Pavilion and can be preserved for future use in museums, public spaces and beyond.

The Committee of 100 is inviting “Master Builders of the Wall” to help fund this effort by purchasing a Brick at the USA Pavilion to be inscribed with the name of the person/family or an organization they wish to honor. Please visit for details.

C100 Chairman John Chen said: “We are honored and pleased to be the strategic partner of USA Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 – a historic opportunity to build bridges between China and the USA.”

C-100 Governor Shirley Young said: “The Wall of Chinese in America: We Are Family will show the world our pride in America and in our Chinese heritage and build a bond with all those who share a family name.”

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 will be held from May 1-October 31, 2010 with projected 70 million attendees and 192 participating countries. At more than 60,000 square feet, the USA National Pavilion will be one of the largest pavilions. It will showcase American culture, values, and businesses while at the same time celebrating the friendship between the peoples of the U.S. and China.

Founded in 1989, the Committee of 100 is a national non-partisan, non-profit membership organization comprised of prominent Chinese Americans in a broad range of professions. The Committee has dedicated its efforts to a dual mission: (1) encouraging constructive relations between the peoples of the United States and Greater China, and (2) encouraging the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life.


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(2009 年 12 月 18 日–纽约)–作为 2010 年上海世博会美国馆的战略合作伙伴,美 国百人会将打造题为“美国华裔,同一家人”的展览。该展览将显示美国的特性:即 美国不仅能包容各种文化,并且为所有人提供成功机会。

该展览包括一堵美国华裔“百姓墙”,它由美国华裔的照片组成,按中文姓氏编 排,显示“同一家人”的理念。百人会将号召所有美国华裔上传他们的照片,并鼓 励他们为美国馆的建设捐款。此外,“百姓墙”在世博会后还可以陈列在博物馆及 其他公共场所。

“美国华裔,同一家人”展览将表彰为美国科技、环保、艺术、体育、商业、社会服 务以及政府等各领域作出重要贡献的美国华裔,从而体现美国这一自由的摇篮如何 造就了这些杰出人士。

为达到筹资的目的,百人会呼吁美国华裔各界人士捐资购买美国馆的砖块,成为 “鼎立捐建者”。“鼎立捐建者”可在砖上刻写任何载誉人或机构的名字。

从 2010 年 1 月开始,百人会将在传统媒体和新媒体(You Tube, Facebook 等)领域 展开公共宣传活动,以便让每一位华裔都来为美国馆的“百姓墙”上传他们的照 片。


百人会主席程守宗说:“成为 2010 年世博会美国馆的战略合作伙伴是百年不遇的历 史机会,我们抓住了时机,为促进美国和中国的了解尽了一臂之力, 我对此感到非 常荣幸和高兴。”

百人会理事杨雪兰说:“‘美国华裔,同一家人’的‘百姓墙’向世界显示我们华 裔在美国如同一个大家庭,从而为中华民族的传统而感到自豪。”

世博会于 2010 年 5 月 1 日至 10 月 31 日在上海举行,将有 192 个国家,七千万人参 与,六万多平方呎的面积,美国馆将是最大的展馆之一。它将显示美国的文化,价 值和商业并同时增强美国和中国人民之间的友谊。

1989 年成立的百人会是美国一个无党派的非营利机构,它由一批有丰富知识和经验 并在各自领域中做出杰出贡献的美籍华人组成。百人会担负着两个使命:加强美国 和大中华地区人民的关系; 积极参于美国华裔各个领域中的活动。


T:212-371-6565 or 917-670-5871(c)

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