From the Executive Director – December 2012



Angie Tang

December 2012

As we approach the end of 2012, the organization’s vibrant health reflects strengthened staffing capabilities and focused program-based development – two strategic objectives set by the Chairman and Board in April 2012.

Staffing Capabilities.

This year’s milestones were amplified by the gains from the team’s continuous strategic learning journey. I am grateful to have engaged with Columbia Business School to provide us with professional development opportunities via a series of high impact executive education courses. Our team’s valuable takeaways include grasping the fundamentals of change leadership and creating breakthrough strategies for C100. C100 applications of key lessons learned already produced impressive results in strategically positioning C100 in the Washington DC policy community.

Program-based Development.

The growth trajectory of our three program areas – Educational Exchange, Public Diplomacy, and Leadership Development – is entering an advanced stage of enriched content and extensive reach.

With this year’s repertoire of high-profile accomplishments, 2013 promises to further expand C100’s role as the foremost non-governmental interlocutor between the United States and China. Looking ahead, the Committee will continue to bolster organizational capabilities and program development. As one of the Chairman’s strategic priorities, substantive engagement with the U.S. and Chinese policymakers will remain a central focus as the senior political leadership transition in Washington and Beijing is formalized early next year. The Committee’s Annual Conference in Washington D.C., April 24-25, 2013, represents the next phase in broadening C100’s contribution to the U.S.-China dialogue.

C100 members’ guidance and support are critical to executing our winning proposition: to bridge the future success of the U.S. and China by gleaning lessons from the past and fostering dynamic exchange in the present.

We look forward to forging ahead with C100 members, partners, supporters and friends in making 2013 another hallmark year.

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