From the Committee of 100 Chairman – December 2012



Dominic Ng

December 2012

We conclude 2012 with another strong year of advancing C100’s mission. Three signature achievements benchmark my strategic priorities of leveraging C100’s convening power in the U.S.-China dialogue, our leadership role on Chinese American issues, and our capabilities in delivering products that elevate the quality of discourse on U.S.-China relations.

China Policy Debate.

Leveraging our convening power, the Committee in partnership with the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC convened a China policy debate – the only China policy-focused debate endorsed by both U.S. presidential campaigns – in October, two weeks before the U.S. presidential election. Senior representatives from both campaigns engaged in a highly substantive exchange on U.S. policy toward China. As one seasoned Washington insider commented, “This debate was high in content, low in polemics; one of the very few debates of deep substance in Washington DC.” Over 400 attended the event and even more viewed the debate on C-SPAN and contributed questions via social media.

1882 Project.
The Committee’s leadership role on the 1882 Project Steering Committee resulted in the passage of House Resolution 683. In June, the U.S. House of Representatives voted by unanimous consent to acknowledge that the Chinese Exclusion laws in effect from 1882 to 1943 were unjust and discriminatory. House Resolution 683 was a companion to Senate Resolution 201 passed in October 2011.

Opinion Survey 2012.
As the Committee’s signature research product, the U.S.-China Public Perceptions Opinion Survey 2012 encapsulated major trend lines in American and Chinese public and elite perceptions on key U.S.-China issues, including business, geopolitics, investment, media, security, society, and trade. With the survey’s April release in Washington DC, demand for the survey has resulted in a second reprint of the English version and broad dissemination of the Chinese version in greater China. U.S. senior officials in Washington and at the U.S. embassy in Beijing, along with senior counterparts in Beijing, Taipei, and Hong Kong, all received briefings on the survey findings.

By no means exhaustive of C100’s myriad accomplishments this year, these three marquee achievements exemplify the organization’s focused strategy on producing high-impact results.

I extend my sincere gratitude to C-100 members and friends for your commitment to C100’s mission. Please accept best wishes to you and your family in 2013.

Dominic Ng
Chairman Committee of 100

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Dominic Ng

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