Committee of 100 Connects with More Than 100 Different Groups, Universities and Organizations to Discuss Chinese American Contributions to America Through Its Landmark Study

New York, NY (June 30, 2021) — In February 2021, Committee of 100 published a landmark study on the historic contributions of Chinese Americans to the fabric of American society. The 140-plus page study “From Foundations to Frontiers: Chinese American Contributions to the Fabric of America,” was commissioned by Committee of 100, produced by The Economist Intelligence Unit, and sponsored in part by Citi Private Bank. The study examines the enduring contribution of Chinese Americans to America’s economic and cultural successes across nearly two centuries.

Committee of 100 is a non-profit leadership organization of Chinese Americans in business, government, academia, healthcare, and the arts. At a time when the Biden Administration has taken executive action against xenophobia, hate and violence directed at the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, “From Foundations to Frontiers” sheds light on the longstanding importance of Chinese Americans to America’s overall cultural and economic successes.

Since launching the landmark study, Committee of 100 has conducted guest lectures via ‘virtual talks’ to more than 100 different groups, organizations and universities with active participation by the attendees. These virtual talks are free to any group, organization, or university that is interested in learning more and discussing about the history, challenges, and contributions of Chinese Americans.

“From Foundations to Frontiers illuminates, through data and storytelling, how Chinese Americans have had a significant impact on American life as we know it today,” said Zheng Yu Huang, President of Committee of 100. “Even more pressing is the work that remains ahead. Along with other communities of color, Chinese Americans continue to face barriers to full inclusion in the form of systemic racism and entrenched stereotypes. America will reach its full potential only when all its citizens can reach their own full potential.”

The full landmark study and any of the seven sector reports can be downloaded for free at In the first quarter since its launch, the website for ‘From Foundations to Frontiers” has received over 22,000 page views with 14,000 unique visits.

Committee of 100 will be conducting virtual talks throughout 2021. If you would like to connect with Committee of 100 and host a free discussion, email

Feedback from groups, organizations, and universities

“From Foundations to Frontiers is an important research project as it not only helps to educate the general public about the contributions of the Chinese immigrants to the fabric of this country’s economy throughout American history, but it also helps to remind people that the reason that America can be so strong and powerful is due to the contributions of our diverse immigrants. For this country to continue to thrive, we must stand in solidarity, respect, and value each other, regardless of their native origin.” — Mei Hung, Executive Director, Chinese Culture Connection, Inc

“The From Foundations to Frontiers webinar developed for our association members and friends was fantastic. For many of us in the audience, it was the first time we had heard a systematic, organized presentation of the contributions of Chinese Americans to American society across so many different sectors. As such, many of us were greatly energized and emboldened by this fuller understanding of the key role our community has played in building up our country.”  — Doug Hsu, Council Member and Past President, Indiana Association of Chinese Americans

“The Montgomery County Progressive Asian American Network (MoCoPAAN) appreciated the Committee of 100 presentation of the “From Foundations to Frontiers” report as a basis to showcase the solidarity work between the AAPI community and people of color communities dating back to black abolitionist Fredrick Douglass. We drew audience members who ranged from immigrants to community leaders and county government representatives, meeting our goal to improve public understanding of AAPIs and our history.” — Aryani Ong, Founder and Co-Director, Montgomery County Progressive Asian American Network

“The conversation hosted by Committee of 100 was very informative and educational. Over the past nearly 200 years, Chinese Americans have grown in America, marking around 1.5% of the total population in the U.S. (2018). Many of the contributions have been under reported and this research by Committee of 100 is a great way to tell those stories. New York Chinese School hopes to continue serving the community and its people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or background. In addition, we believe that education is for everyone. ” – Jennifer Wang, Principal, New York Chinese School

“The Chinese Cultural Center at San Diego State University worked with APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs) and the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum for our virtual presentation of “From Foundations to Frontiers” from Committee of 100. The session was well attended and generated significant and impactful discussions. We look forward to future opportunities to work with Committee 100 to advance our shared vision and mission of contributing to building the fabric of our collective community and history.” — Dr. Lilly Cheng, Director, Chinese Cultural Center at San Diego State University

“After watching the program by Committee of 100 showcasing the activities and the significant contributions of Chinese Americans to our society, I was deeply moved by the importance of sharing widely the multifaceted accomplishments of Americans of Chinese heritage, including their role in arts and culture. Speaking as a curator of Chinese art, I applaud Committee of 100 for drawing attention to the connections between China and America, but most of all for sharing the invaluable contributions made by Chinese Americans historically and ongoing today that shape America’s values and success.”  — Jan Stuart, Melvin R. Seiden Curator of Chinese Art, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art

“The UCLA Asia Pacific Center (APC) promotes greater knowledge and understanding of Asia and the Pacific region on campus and in the community through innovative research, teaching, public programs, and local and international collaborations. Our center’s scholarly activities and public events reach audiences in the United States and beyond, including East, Southeast, South, and Central Asia, as well as Europe and Oceania. We co-hosted a virtual public forum with the Committee of 100 featuring their landmark study “From Foundations to Frontiers” in January 2021. The impact of the Committee of 100 study is deep and far-reaching. It reiterates the significance of the enduring contribution of Chinese Americans to all aspects of American life while providing a timely reminder of the urgency and relevance of our center’s work to challenge ongoing anti-Chinese and anti-Asian violence and discrimination through education and research.” — Min Zhou, Director of Asia Pacific Center, University of California, Los Angeles

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About Committee of 100

Committee of 100 is a non-profit U.S. leadership organization of prominent Chinese Americans in business, government, academia, healthcare, and the arts focused on public policy engagement, civic engagement, and philanthropy. For over 30 years, Committee of 100 has served as a preeminent organization committed to the dual missions of promoting the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life and constructive relations between the United States and Greater China. Visit or follow Committee of 100 on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for more information.

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