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Nicky Lu


Chairman and Founder

Etron Technology

Dr. Nicky Lu, Chairman and Founder of Etron Technology, is an inventor of several key IC designs/technologies and serial founder of several companies, from start-ups to publicly listed ones including Etron, Ardentec and Global Unichip. He has dedicated 43 years of his career to worldwide IC design and the semiconductor industry.
Dr. Lu is a Member of National Academy of Engineering (NAE) of USA and an IEEE  Fellow. Dr. Lu received Ph.D. in EE from Stanford University. He worked for the IBM  Research and then IBM HQs (1982-90) and won an IBM Corporate Award.

In early 1990s, Dr. Lu was a co-architect/leader creating Taiwan’s 8-inch-wafer and advanced Logic/SRAM/DRAM technologies to equip Taiwan semiconductor industry with leading-edge technology capabilities, which has thus enabled and shaped  Taiwan semiconductor and integrated circuits industries to today’s prominent position for worldwide economics.

Moreover, Dr. Lu coined and realized several inventions which have continuously generated impacts on semiconductor technology advancements, such as creating  Known Good Bare-Die DRAM/SRAM without packaging, which thus has heralded a Heterogeneous Integration Era of Semiconductor technologies in parallel to  Moore’s Law Integration since 2000.

He was the Chair of WSC (World Semiconductor Council, 2014-15) and Chair of  TSIA (Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association, 2013-17). Dr. Lu holds over 46 US patents and has published more than 60 technical papers. Dr Lu is a recipient of the “IEEE 1998 Solid-State Circuits D.O. Pederson Award” for his leading contributions in high-speed dynamic memory design and memory cell device technology.

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