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  • Frank H. Wu makes NYC list of impactful Asian leaders

    July 27, 2020  |  City and State

  • Frank H. Wu reflects on divide in Asian American community over Black Lives Matter

    June 15, 2020  |  SCMP

  • Frank H. Wu shares personal journey and excitement as President Designate of Queens College

    May 25, 2020  |  The Knight News

  • Frank H. Wu joins Queens College as first Asian American President

    April 01, 2020  |  QNS

  • Frank H. Wu highlights the stars of Asian American comedy

    February 19, 2020  |  Book and Film Globe

  • Frank H. Wu cautions against rise of sinophobic attitudes in tech space

    July 17, 2019  |  The Guardian

  • Frank H. Wu meets principles from Nanjing University

    June 04, 2018  |  Nanjing University

  • Frank H. Wu meets CHEN Fang, Chairman of Sichuan Provincial General Chamber of Commerce

    June 21, 2018  |  Sichuan Overseasinfo

  • Frank H. Wu meets LIU Xiaoliu, Vice Mayor of Chengdu

    June 24, 2018  |

  • Frank H. Wu promotes U.S.-China bridge-building role at Center for China and Globalization

    June 28, 2018  |  Financial Times

  • Frank H. Wu keynotes Minnesota State Bar Association convention

    June 23, 2017  |  Minnesota Lawyer

  • Frank H. Wu featured on front page for promoting Asian American civil rights in his roles

    June 25, 2017  |  World Journal

  • Frank H. Wu to keynote Chinese Historical Society of America conference in October

    May 01, 2017  |  Chinese Historical Society of America

  • Frank H. Wu on Chinese American identity and Vincent Chin case

    May 24, 2017  |  Sinovision

  • Frank H. Wu discusses U.S.-China opinion survey and other C100 activities

    May 28, 2017  |  Shenzhen TV

  • Frank H. Wu comments on Kansas Hate Crime, echoes violence of Vincent Chin case

    March 01, 2017  |  Asia Times

  • Frank H. Wu hails NBA star Jeremy Lin “accidental Asian-American civil rights hero”

    February 16, 2017  |  NY Daily News

  • Frank H. Wu writes op-ed: “The Truth About Asian Americans and Affirmative Action”

    January 30, 2017  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu speaks at 45th annual convention of the Illinois Judges Association and Illinois State Bar Association

    December 07, 2016  |  Madison County Record

  • Frank H. Wu speak at Asia Society’s inaugural West Coast Diversity Leadership Forum

    December 11, 2016  |  Asia Society

  • Frank H. Wu comments U.S. election’s effect on U.S.-China relations and Chinese Americans

    November 16, 2016  |  Sohu

  • Frank H. Wu offers advice to NextGen Asian Americans and how to break through the “glass ceiling”

    November 29, 2016  |  Linkedin

  • Frank H. Wu comments on Asian American voting trends

    November 29, 2016  |  China QW

  • Frank H. Wu award the Leadership Scholarship Program Class of 2016 in Beijing

    November 07, 2016  |  ifeng

  • Frank H. Wu comments on the absence of a ‘pan-Asian’ identity in Asia

    November 01, 2016  |  The Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu comments on arrest of an Asian energy consultant spurring concern over racial profiling

    October 24, 2016  |  Financial Times

  • Frank H. Wu moderates town hall on Asian Pacific Americans and the 2016 presidential election

    October 24, 2016  |  Asia Society

  • Frank H. Wu writes op-ed: Red, Yellow, and Blue: Asian Americans as a Political Power

    October 07, 2016  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu comments on the recent ‘yellowface’ Snapchat filter

    August 11, 2016  |  WIRED

  • Frank H. Wu writes op-ed: Asian Americans And Civil Rights: The Mistakes We Keep Making

    August 29, 2016  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu comments on Elementary character Joan Watson, played by fellow C-100 member Lucy Liu.

    February 04, 2016  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu eflects on the history of California’s Angel Island and its connection to Asian-American immigrants.

    February 14, 2016  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu writes op-ed: For Asian American Heritage Month: Three Painful Conversations About Race, One Positive

    May 18, 2016  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu joined host Larry Mantle on KPCC’s weekday radio show AirTalk to discuss the elimination of the word “Oriental” from all government documents.

    May 24, 2016  |  Southern California Public Radio

  • Frank H. Wu discusses new member Gordon Chang‘s book, Fateful Ties.

    October 16, 2015  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu writes on how China-bashing affects Chinese-Americans

    August 07, 2015  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu writes on race and gender, sharing personal anecdotes and reflections on the complexities of being a minority in one’s profession.

    June 26, 2015  |  Huffington Post

  • Frank H. Wu , U.C. Hastings College of the Law, discussed his passion for “Honda Hawks” motorcycles

    September 18, 2014  |  J.D. Supra Business Advisor

  • Frank H. Wu , U.C. Hastings College of the Law, opined on the Asian American Pacific Islander community’s reputation as a “model minority”

    September 03, 2014  |  Voice of America


Study Questions Whether Asians Are Being Targeted in Corporate Spy Cases

May 27, 2017 | AsAmNews

Rising Distrust between Americans and Chinese: Survey

May 24, 2017 | Asia Times


Frank H. Wu Distinguished Academic



Queens College

Frank H. Wu is currently the President of Queens College. He previously served as the William L. Prosser Distinguished Professor, at University of California Hastings College of Law and was the Chancellor & Dean at the school, receiving unanimous renewal to a second term. Before joining Queens College and UC Hastings, he was a member of the faculty at Howard University, the nation’s leading historically black college/university (HBCU), for a decade. He served as Dean of Wayne State University Law School in his hometown of Detroit, and he has been a visiting professor at University of Michigan; an adjunct professor at Columbia University; and a Thomas C. Grey Teaching Fellow at Stanford University. He taught at the Peking University School of Transnational Law in its inaugural year and again a decade later. In his leadership roles at UC Hastings and Wayne, as well as on the faculty at Howard, he was the first Asian American to serve in such a capacity.

He is dedicated to civic engagement and volunteer service. In April 2016, he was elected by the members of Committee of 100 as their Chair; then in February 2017, the Board named him as the group’s first-ever President. He was appointed by the federal Department of Education to its National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI), which advises the administration on higher education accreditation, and by the Defense Department to the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, which submitted to Congress the report From Representation to Inclusion. He currently is a Trustee of Deep Springs College, a highly-selective full-scholarship school enrolling twenty-six on a student-run cattle ranch near Death Valley, where he previously taught for several short periods. He was a Trustee of Gallaudet University, the only university in the world dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing persons, from 2000 to 2010, and Vice-Chair of the Board for the final four years of his tenure. He served on the Board of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund from 2004 to 2010.

Professor Wu is the author of Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, which was immediately reprinted in its hardcover edition, and co-author of Race, Rights and Reparation: Law and the Japanese American Internment, which received the single greatest grant from the Civil Liberties Public Education Fund. He blogged regularly for five years at Huffington Post (“HuffPo”), and his work has appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Chronicle of Higher Education and National Law Journal. Over the years, Professor Wu has maintained an extensive schedule of media appearances and public speaking. His professional credits include commentary for National Public Radio and Now with Bill Moyers. He has appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show, O’Reilly Factor, and C-SPAN Booknotes with Brian Lamb.

Prior to his academic career, he held a clerkship with the late U.S. District Judge Frank J. Battisti in Cleveland and practiced law with the firm of Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco – while there, he devoted a quarter of his time to pro bono work on behalf of indigent clients. He received a B.A. from the Johns Hopkins University and a J.D. with honors from the University of Michigan. He completed the Management Development Program of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

He is married to Carol L. Izumi. They live in San Francisco.


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