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President Obama Nominates Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. as Ambassador to China

1st June 2009

President Obama Nominates Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. as Ambassador to China

(New York, NY-May 21, 2009)–The Committee of 100 applauds President Obama’s nomination of Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. as ambassador to China. Mr. Huntsman’s appreciation of the importance of the U.S.-China relationship, his knowledge and experience in Asia along with his expertise in political, trade and economic issues will be invaluable in building a stronger partnership between the U.S. and China at this critical juncture.

President Obama praised Huntsman’s experience in the region and expertise in the Chinese language when nominating him for the ambassadorship. Obama has expressed his confidence that the appointment of Huntsman as ambassador “will launch a new era of partnership between our two nations that will advance our shared dreams of opportunity and security in America, in Asia, and around the world.”

Huntsman has acknowledged the criticality of the Chinese-American relationship, stating in response to the nomination, that China is the “most important strategic bilateral relationship.” He also indicated his desire for partnership, citing the Chinese aphorism “Together we work, together we progress.”

As governor of Utah and chair of the Western Governor’s Association, Governor Huntsman has actively promoted trade and cultural relations between U.S. states and Chinese provinces.

Prior to his governorship, Huntsman served as a White House staff assistant to President Reagan; as deputy assistant secretary of commerce for trade development and deputy assistant secretary of commerce for East Asian and Pacific Affairs under President George H.W. Bush; and as deputy U.S. trade representative and U.S. trade ambassador under President George W. Bush.

Governor Huntsman also served as U.S. Ambassador to Singapore during the final year of the George H.W. Bush administration.

A fluent speaker of Standard Mandarin Chinese, Governor Huntsman lived in Taiwan as a Mormon missionary. He and his wife have seven children, including an adopted daughter from China.

Committee of 100’s Chairman John S. Chen comments, “In this very important time of the Sino-US relationship, we are gratified that someone like Gov. Huntsman who understands China will be our chief representative in Beijing. We, at the Committee of 100, look forward to working and progressing together in strengthening this important bilateral relationship with him as our Ambassador. We are pleased to express our support for Governor Huntsman’s nomination.”

Founded in 1989, the Committee of 100 is a national nonpartisan, non-profit membership organization comprised of prominent Chinese Americans in a broad range of professions. With their knowledge and experience, the Committee has committed to a dual mission: (1) encouraging constructive relations between the peoples of the U.S. and Greater China, and (2) encouraging the full participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of American life. For more information, visit:


Contact: S. Alice Mong Executive Director

T. 212-371-6565


(美国纽约-2009 年 5 月 21 日)—百人会赞扬奥巴马总统提名犹他州州长乔 恩·亨茨曼出任美国驻华大使。在中美关系发展的重要阶段,亨茨曼先生对中 美关系的理解、对亚洲的知识和经验、以及在政治和经贸问题上的专长将有助 于两国建立建设性的合作关系。

奥巴马总统的这一提名在很大程度上鉴于亨茨曼先生在亚洲地区的经验及其中 文能力。奥巴马总统相信这一任命“将在中美关系发展上开启崭新的一页,并 促进两国对于美国、亚洲和全世界机遇和安全方面的共同愿望”。

亨茨曼先生认识到中美关系的重要性,他在回应提名时说道:“中美关系是最 重要的战略性双边关系”。他也提出了与中国建立合作关系的愿望,引用了中 国的格言:“互相帮忙,互相学习”。

作为犹他州州长和西方政治家协会的会长,亨茨曼先生长期以来鼓励中美省际 间的贸易和文化交流。

在担任州长之前,亨茨曼先生是里根总统期间的白宫主管助理,是老布什总统 期间管理贸易发展的助理副商务部长以及管理东亚和太平洋事务的助理副商务 部长,也是小布什总统期间的副贸易代表和贸易大使。

他还在老布什总统期间 担任过美国驻新加坡大使。

他会说一口标准的中文,曾经在台湾做摩门教的传教士。他和妻子有七个孩 子,其中有一个从中国领养的女儿。

百人会会长程守宗说道:“在中美关系发展的重要阶段,我们很庆幸像亨茨曼 先生这样了解中国的人能成为在北京的美国总代表。我们百人会期待与他互相 帮忙、互相学习,共同巩固中美关系。我们向他的提名表示支持”。

美国百人会成立于 1989 年,由来自各个领域的杰出美国华裔组成,是一个非 党派、非营利的全国性会员组织。依靠会员们的知识与资源,百人会致力于两 大宗旨:(1)促进中美间建设性的关系;(2)推动美国华裔全面参与美国社 会。欲求更多信息请参阅。


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