Committee of 100 and NORC at the University of Chicago Commence Joint Research on the Politics and Policy Needs of the Chinese American Population
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Committee of 100 and NORC at the University of Chicago Commence Joint Research on the Politics and Policy Needs of the Chinese American Population

27th March 2024

New York, NY (March 27, 2024) — Committee of 100, a non-profit membership organization of prominent Chinese Americans, and NORC at the University of Chicago, one of the largest independent social research organizations in the United States, today announced they have commenced joint research on the current politics and policy needs of the Chinese American population. 

The research will build on Committee of 100’s “State of Chinese Americans” research conducted with Columbia University in 2022/2023, which focused on the cultural, financial, health, and sociopolitical situations of today’s Chinese American population.

The new Committee of 100 – NORC study is being conducted to help address the insufficient data necessary to inform and address ongoing discrimination, stereotypes, and misperceptions about Chinese Americans, and the many gaps in knowledge that remain about Chinese Americans’ political attitudes and behaviors. The “2024 State of Chinese Americans” joint study aims to identify model minority stereotypes, misperceptions of the population as a monolithic political bloc, and provide needed insights about the lived experiences, policy preferences, and political activity of Chinese Americans.  The resulting report will seek to inform and educate policymakers and the public about these topics.

“Understanding the political views of the Chinese American population is essential for fostering inclusivity and informed policymaking,” said Cindy Tsai, Interim President and Executive Director, Committee of 100. “By delving into the Chinese Americans perspective, we will be able to gain valuable insights that not only enrich the political discourse but also contribute to a more equitable and representative society.  We are excited to collaborate with NORC at the University of Chicago on this research project to produce data that may help in elevating the quality of life for Chinese Americans across our great country.”

In partnering with NORC, the 2024 study will survey 500 Chinese American respondents from NORC’s new Amplify AAPI panel, a national probability sample of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders.  This probability sample of 500 respondents is combined with 500 respondents drawn from one of NORC’s non-probability partner panels.  

“Chinese Americans are a vital part of the American society, yet many of the contributions, as well as struggles, of the Chinese American community remain unseen and unknown to the broader world,” said David Dutwin, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, NORC at the University of Chicago.  “Acknowledging and comprehending the diversity within the Chinese American community ensures that our political landscape reflects the true tapestry of voices, fostering a more robust and inclusive democracy. We are proud to partner with Committee of 100 on this critically important research project.”  

Conducting the survey in English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese, Committee of 100 and NORC will share the research results nationally in the coming months. 


Committee of 100 and NORC at the University of Chicago are thankful for the contributions of Dr. Vivien Leung, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Santa Clara University and Dr. Nathan Kar Ming Chan, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Loyola Marymount University. Both contributed their academic expertise in the questionnaire’s design and will collaborate with Committee of 100 in analyzing the data, drafting reports, and presenting findings and recommendations. 

Committee of 100 and NORC at the University of Chicago are also grateful for the participation and support of the Advisory Group members on this project, whose knowledge and expertise across the fields of academia and civic engagement served to guide the project’s development and implementation: Gordon H. Chang, Professor, Stanford University; Daphne Kwok, Vice President, Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Asian American & Pacific Islander Audience Strategy at AARP; and Jeremy Wu, PhD, Founder and Co-Organizer, APA Justice. 

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