Committee of 100 Statement on Troubling Rhetoric in the 2020 Election Cycle
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Committee of 100 Statement on Troubling Rhetoric in the 2020 Election Cycle

10th April 2020

Contact: Zhengyu Huang, C100 President or 212-371-6565

Committee of 100 Statement on Troubling Rhetoric in the 2020 Election Cycle

New York, NY (April 10, 2020) – The Committee of 100 (C100) is disappointed by a new 2020 presidential campaign ad that falsely suggests an association between C100 member and former U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke and the Chinese government, solely based on his identity as a Chinese American. As we enter another election cycle, we welcome a full, robust debate on U.S.-China relations, but urge all candidates to engage in a discussion based on policy and facts. Inflammatory language and false imagery impugning the loyalty of Chinese Americans should be consciously avoided by all candidates and campaigns.

False insinuations, such as the ones using Ambassador Locke, only further engender unprovoked hostile attacks against Chinese Americans and other Asian American communities. This is especially important to address given the increased violence and discrimination the Asian American community has faced in recent weeks due to xenophobic-based fears in relation to COVID-19.

The Committee of 100 is confident that by grounding our national discourse in facts and focusing discussions on specific policy positions, we can create a productive dialogue and path forward in U.S.-China relations, while avoiding discrimination against millions of Chinese Americans. C100 will continue to monitor all campaigns this year, and will not hesitate to identify any that raise similar concerns.

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