US-China Cross-Border Investments, Session II | Committee of 100 25th Anniversary Summit

Linda Tsao Yang
X. Rick Niu

For decades, American investment in China far exceeded Chinese investment in the US economy. In the last five years, however, Chinese annual foreign direct investment (FDI) in the US has surged, topping $10 billion each year in both 2013 and 2014, and, by most measures, now exceeds annual US FDI flows into China. Drawing on their own first-hand experiences, speakers discuss the potential and pitfalls of U.S.-China cross- border investments, the benefits for each country, and the leadership roles that both governments can play in mitigating conflict and ensuring continued openness and success.

0:12 Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang, Committee of 100 Member; Former Executive Director of Asian Development Bank
3:04 Daniel H. Rosen, Cofounder & China Practice Leader, Rhodium Group (Moderator)
9:54 Dr. Shangzhi Wu, Chairman, CDH Investments, Purchased Smithfield Foods
13:01 Rick Niu, President & CEO, Starr Strategic Partners, Senior Managing Director, Starr Global Financial, Inc.

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