The State of Chinese Americans: National Survey Launch

Chinese Americans have historically been under-served and under-represented in the U.S., and the recent pandemic has underscored the economic, social, and racial challenges that persist in Chinese American communities today.

Committee of 100 and Columbia University have jointly developed a first-of-its-kind nationwide survey to paint a comprehensive picture of the status and needs of Chinese Americans. This survey will gather data that will inform recommendations for policies and programs that aim to better serve Chinese American communities.

We hosted an informational webinar on November 3 to talk about the survey and how different organizations and communities can amplify the voices of Chinese Americans by getting involved.

Welcome remarks:
• Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University
• Ambassador Gary Locke, Chair of Committee of 100
• Oscar Tang, Co-Chairman of New York Philharmonic; Trustee of The Metropolitan Museum; Co-Founder of Committee of 100

• Zhengyu Huang, President of Committee of 100
• Dr. Qin Gao, Professor of Social Policy and Social Work; Director of China Center for Social Policy at Columbia University
• Jennifer So, Doctoral Student at Columbia University and Project Manager
• Anna Ngai, Chief of Staff at Committee of 100
• Sam Collitt, Researcher at Committee of 100

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