The Fight for Representation: The State of Chinese Americans Survey

This virtual town hall featuring experts from Columbia University, Committee of 100, and the worlds of policy, politics, and research for the unveiling of The State of Chinese Americans Survey data aired on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

Chinese Americans are historically underrepresented in politics and policy, and underserved in healthcare, education, and social services. How do you work to solve these problems? The first step is getting clear and concise data on Chinese Americans, one of the fastest-growing populations in the U.S. Chinese Americans have diverse backgrounds and diverse needs – from culture, family, healthcare, education, employment, finances, and political engagement.

In the largest survey of its kind ever conducted, nearly 6,500 Chinese Americans from 46 states answered 77 key questions about the Chinese American experience in research conducted jointly by Columbia University and Committee of 100.

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The Fight for Representation: The State of Chinese Americans Survey

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Gary Locke

The first Chinese-American ambassador to China

Gordon H. Chang

Critically acclaimed author and historian



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