Post-Debate Discussion Concludes Committee of 100 China Policy Debate

Following C100’s China Policy Debate in Washington, D.C. on October 24, the Committee hosted a private discussion with debate contributors, C100 members, C100 National Advisory Council members, staff, and guests. Members Bob Gee, Ben Wu, and Jeremy Wu, and C100 Executive Director Angie Tang presented special guests with plaques of appreciation for their invaluable contributions to the China Policy Debate: Democratic & Republican Presidential Race 2012.

Diplomacy-Debate Dinner

China Policy Debate participants, C100 members, staff, and special guests.

The Committee recognized the debate’s two main speakers: Dr. Jeffrey Bader, National Security Advisory Committee member on President Obama’s Re-election Campaign, and Dr. Aaron Friedberg, Co-Chair of Mitt Romney’s Asia-Pacific Working Group. Also recognized were debate co-moderators David M. Lampton, Director of the China Studies Program at John Hopkins SAIS and Ben Wu, C100 Vice Chair for the Washington, D.C. Region. The Committee also expressed gratitude to Lanhee Chen, Policy Director of the Romney for President Campaign, who made a special appearance at the discussion, and to SAIS China Studies Program Associate Director Carla Freeman and Program Coordinator Zhaojin Ji for their collaboration.

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Robert W. Gee

Political consultant and advisor / Washington D.C. Regional Chair

Benjamin Wu

President & CEO of Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation

Jeremy Wu

Accomplished public service executive




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