C100 Member Holiday Dinner hosted by Ambassador Luo Linquan at Chinese Consulate General Residence in San Francisco

On January 8th 2017, Consul General of China Ambassador Luo Linquan and his wife Madam Qiao Li hosted a private reception and dinner for C100 Northern California members at their personal residence. Consul Xu, Consul Jin, and Deputy Consul Ren were also in attendance to welcome the upcoming Year of the Rooster. C100 Chairman Frank H. Wu, Regional Chair Kenneth Fong, C100 members Pehong Chen, Buck Gee, Doreen Woo Ho, Dennis Wu, Linda Tsao Yang and spouses attended.


From left to right (back row): James Ho, Dennis Wu, Les Wong, Pehong Chen, Consul Jin. (middle row): Lisa Spivey, Buck Gee, Doreen Woo Ho, C100 Chairman Frank H. Wu, Ambassador Luo Linquan, Kenneth Fong, George Koo, Consul Ren. (front row): Mary Hackenbracht, Susan Wu, May Koo, Linda Tsao Yang, Madam Qiao Li, Adele Chen, Consul Xu.


Consul General of China Ambassador Luo Linquan, his wife Madam Qiao Li, C100 Chairman Frank H. Wu and C100 Members dine together


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Dennis Wu

Professional CPA expert

Leslie Wong

President, San Francisco State University

Pehong Chen

Pioneering e-business leader

Buck Gee

Expert in tech industry and corporate executive leadership

Frank H. Wu

Distinguished Academic

Kenneth Fong

Venture capitalist and entrepreneur

Linda Tsao Yang

Former U.S. Ambassador and first woman Executive Director appointed




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