Committee of 100 Holds Leadership and Mentoring Program at Panda Group Headquarters

The Committee of 100 hosted its 2015-2016 Leadership and Mentoring Program (LMP) Graduation and Kickoff on Saturday November 7, 2015. The event was held at Panda Restaurant Group Headquarters, courtesy of C-100 member Andrew Cherng, and celebrated the graduation of the 2015 class of mentees including Robert Chan, Glen Chen, Janet Guan, Ting He, Nikki Jee, Arthur Li, Lindsay Louie, Melissa Lui, David Wang, Raymond Wong, Sherman Wong, Wendy Wu, William Yuen, Katie Zhao and Steven Zhou. The half-day program opened with a welcome by Andrea Cherng, Chief Marketing Officer of Panda Group, and featured presentations by C-100 Acting Chairman Herman Li, C-100 Southern California Regional Co-Chairs Stewart Kwoh and Charlie Woo, and members Morgan Chu, Julie Fong, and Teddy Zee

Earlier this year, mentees were invited to a site visit at Vizio Headquarters, founded by C-100 member William Wang. The Committee of 100 Leadership and Mentoring program empowers young Chinese American leaders through one-on-one mentoring and opportunities to learn directly from C-100 members and aims to develop a pipeline of next-generation leaders to support C-100 missions in the long-term.


C-100 members Morgan Chu, Stewart Kwoh, Herman Li, and Charlie Woo pose with Leadership Mentees


C-100 members Morgan Chu, Julie Fong, Herman Li

C-100 members Teddy Zee, Charlie Woo, Herman Li, Stewart Kwoh

C-100 members Teddy Zee, Charlie Woo, Herman Li, Stewart Kwoh


C-100 member LMP panelists Julie Fong, Stewart Kwoh, Morgan Chu


C-100 Southern California Regional Co-Chair Charlie Woo


C-100 Regional Co-Chair Stewart Kwoh


C-100 Leadership Mentees


C-100 Leadership Mentees


C-100 Leadership Mentees


AAAJ-LA Development Officer Clara Chiu and C-100 Regional Assistant Maxine Hu



On November 7, 2015 C-100 held a Leadership Mentoring Program at Panda Group Headquarters

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Andrew J.C. Cherng

Entrepreneur and philanthropist

Stewart Kwoh

Nationally recognized civil rights leader

Charlie Woo

International Entrepreneur

Morgan Chu

Distinguished intellectual property and trial lawyer

Julie Fong

Grammy award winning producer

Teddy Zee

Hollywood Producer




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