C100 Members Gather for 1990 Institute Gala in San Francisco, California

The 1990 Institute, which operates under the mission to “broaden understanding and build trust between the people of the U.S. and China through education, philanthropy, and collaboration,” receives great support from C100 members, including Dan Chao, Janet Yang, Ming Hsu, and Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang, who were all in attendance at their annual gala.

Other C100 members taking part in the event included Chairman Frank H. Wu, Micheline Chau, Andrew Cherng, Ken Fong, Buck Gee, George Koo, Yuan Yuan TanHenry S. Tang, and Dennis Wu.


C100 member Dan Chao and a colleague attend the gathering at the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco.

Linda Tsao Yang Buck Gee

C100 members Buck Gee and Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang attend the 1990 Institute Gala.

Frank H. Wu and Andrew Cherng

C100 Chairman Frank H. Wu and C100 member Andrew Cherng catch up during the event.

1990 institute buck gee janet yang

Mary Hackenbracht, C100 member Buck Gee, and C100 member and 1990 Institute board member Janet Yang attend the gala dinner.

C100 member George Koo, May Koo

C100 member George Koo (left), C100 member Dennis Wu, and May Koo enjoy a break during the 1990 Institute Symposium.

C100 Chair Frank Wu

C100 member Henry S. Tang, Kaili Zhu, and C100 Chair Frank H. Wu meet up during the 1990 Institute Symposium.

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Daniel Chao

Corporate and Non-Profit Executive

Janet Yang

Prominent Hollywood producer

Ming Chen Hsu


Linda Tsao Yang

Former U.S. Ambassador and first woman Executive Director appointed

Frank H. Wu

Distinguished Academic

Micheline Chau

Successful Hollywood business executive

Andrew J.C. Cherng

Entrepreneur and philanthropist

Kenneth Fong

Venture capitalist and entrepreneur

Buck Gee

Expert in tech industry and corporate executive leadership

Yuan Yuan Tan

Internationally-renowned ballerina

Henry S. Tang

Managing Partner of Carnegie Towers Strategic Investment Advisory

Dennis Wu

Professional CPA expert




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