C100 Members Participate in 70th Anniversary of V-Day in Beijing

This month, several Committee of 100 members participated in the 70th Anniversary celebration of the end of World War II in Beijing.

Anna Chan Chennault, Paul Chu, Richard Lee, Howard Li, Carter Tseng, Dazong Wang and Shirley Young were joined by Acting Executive Director Holly Chang for the celebrations, which included a parade throughout the center of the city. Anna Chennault was honored by President Xi Jinping during the parade for her contributions to U.S.-China relations.


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Anna Chennault

1925 - 2018

Paul C. W. Chu

Accomplished scientist and professor

Richard Y. Lee

Chairman and CEO of Amsino Medical Group

Howard Li

International business leader / Greater China Regional Chair

Carter Tseng

World-class leader in Information and Communication

Dazong Wang

Business management expert

Shirley Young

President of U.S.-China Cultural Institute




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