C100 Members Chinese New Year Party in San Francisco

John Chiang
Daniel Chao
Lanhee Chen
Kenneth Fong
Buck Gee
Lawrence B. Low
Jenny J. Ming
Yuan Yuan Tan
Frank H. Wu
Linda Tsao Yang

On Sunday January 24th 2016, the Committee of 100’s Northern California region hosted a beautiful Lunar New Year celebration for 35 C-100 members and distinguished guests at the Crystal Jade Restaurant in the Embarcadero of San Francisco. C-100 Acting director Herman Li and State Treasurer John Chiang joined in from Los Angeles and Northern California members Daniel Chao, Joan Chen, Lanhee Chen, Pehong Chen, WuFu Chen, Ken Fong, Buck Gee, Doreen Woo Ho, George Koo, Larry Low, Jenny Ming, Yuan Yuan Tan, Dennis Wu, Frank Wu, Linda Tsao Yang were all in attendance with special guests Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco, as well as Ambassador Luo Linquan, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, with his wife, Li Qiao.

Due to the recent Super Bowl 50 Village preparations in the Embarcadero area, the early evening began with a casual cocktail hour in a private section of the restaurant. Drinks led to a finely crafted Chinese dinner, opening with remarks by Dan Chao, George Koo, Herman Li, Mayor Ed, and Doreen Woo Ho. Remarks touched upon an overview of the Year of the Ram and what the Committee of 100 is looking forward to in the Year of the Monkey. Doreen introduced the upcoming San Francisco Opera premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber and Mayor Ed commended the Committee of 100 for its dedication to the Chinese American community.

The evening was full of lively conversation and high spirits in celebration of another year working towards our shared mission.  We wish you a very happy and prosperous Lunar New Year of the Monkey! 恭喜发财!




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