C100 Delegation Participates in Technology Conference in Chengdu

On September 23-26, 2015, C-100 regional co-chair Dazong Wang led a delegation of C-100 members to participate in a technology conference in Chengdu, Sichuan Province and meet with the governor of Sichuan Province, Wei Hong. The conference focused on western China’s overseas talent and cross-border technology cooperation and was hosted by the Sichuan Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. C-100 members Dazong WangDavid Chang and Carter Tseng, along with Charles Wu, former IBM Vice President, participated in a special panel discussion on overseas innovation and entrepreneurship. After the conference, C-100 members met with C-100 scholarship awardees and alumni based in Chengdu to discuss the upcoming 10 Year Anniversary of the Committee of 100 Leadership Scholarship Program.


Panelists Dazong Wang, Carter Tseng, David Chang and Charles Wu



C-100 members meet with Leadership Scholarship Program awardees and alumni



U.S. Committee of 100 Successfully Holds Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Forum (美国百人会科技创新合作论坛成功举办) | Sichuan Provincial Government (四川省人民政府)

Nobel Prize Winner and Mayor of Silicon Valley Gives 7 Reasons Why “Haike” Conference Deserves Your Attention (诺奖得主、硅谷市长都来了!“海科会”值得你关注的7个理由) | Sichuan Online (四川在线)

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Dazong Wang

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