EVENT: Bay Area U.S.-China Speaker Series: “China’s Investments in the U.S.—Toxic or Tonic?” With Pin Ni and Dr. Yukon Huang | January 29, 2018

Kenneth Fong
Dennis Wu
Anna Mok

On January 29, 2018, the Committee of 100 (C100) partnered with The Commonwealth Club of California to present “China’s Investments in the U.S.—Toxic or Tonic?”. This was the sixth in a series of U.S.­-China Policy Speakers Forums and drew an audience of more than 300.

The distinguished panel of speakers was moderated by C100 member George Koo, and featured a discussion between Pin Ni, President of Wanxiang America Corporation (a Wholly Owned U.S. Subsidiary of Wanxiang Group Company in Hangzhou, China) and Dr. Yukon Huang, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Former Country Director for China at the World Bank. C100 member and former Commonwealth Club Chair Dennis Wu provided opening remarks.

Panelists used Wanxiang America Corporation, which has been acquiring U.S. companies since 1994, as a case study and discussed the merits and logic of Chinese investments in the U.S, including structural synergies, customer relationships and return on investment. They also addressed the comparative advantages of China versus the United States, such as access to labor resources, capital and growth.

Special thanks to C­100 members Ken Fong for his generous support and initiation of this speaker series and Dennis Wu for his ongoing support of the series. Other C100 members attending included Chairman Frank H. Wu, Dan Chao, Buck Gee, Roger Wang, and Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang.

You may view the full video of the discussion here captured by the Commonwealth Club.

This event is part of C100’s ongoing U.S.-China Policy Speaker Series. In collaboration with the Commonwealth Club of California, the series serves as a platform to promote constructive dialogue on U.S.-China relations in the Bay Area. Held quarterly, these events invite policy experts with contrasting views on China to have a conversation and share their ideas. The goal is to provide nuanced perspectives beyond the headlines on issues that impact U.S.-China bilateral relations with an emphasis on constructive collaboration as opposed to conflict.

George Koo, Pin Ni, and Yukon Huang
C100 Member Dennis Wu gives opening remarks
George Koo, Pin Ni, and Yukon Huang at the U.S.-China Speaker Series
Yukon Huang, George Koo, Pin Ni, and Dennis Wu 

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