Bay Area Members Convene in Foster City to Welcome new Regional Chair Ken Fong

On June 30th, 2016, C-100 Northern California members met in Foster City, CA to discuss future programming and goals, and to welcome Ken Fong as their new Regional Chair.

C-100 Chairman Frank H. Wu led the dinner meeting attended by board members Dennis Wu, Ken Fong, and Dan Chao, and members Lanhee Chen, Jenny Ming, Linda Tsao Yang, Pehong Chen, Philip Ma, Stanley Wang, and Les Wong.

The meeting started with a roundtable of brief introductions of each person and followed with Chairman Frank H.Wu talking about goals of the organization and upcoming events. Frank also thanked former Northern California regional co-chairs Daniel Chao, Jay Xu and Chi-Foon Chan for their fantastic service, and welcomed Ken Fong as the new regional chair.


Kenneth Fong is Founder and Chairman of Kenson Ventures, a venture capital firm that provides funds and strategic advice to biotechnology start-ups and companies. Prior to Kenson, he founded Clontech Laboratories in 1984, a molecular biology company that posted revenues of $80 million. Dr. Fong is a devoted philanthropist and leader in promoting understanding of Asian Americans, including lead support on a PBS documentary on Chinese-Americans during World War II and the 80-20 Initiative.

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Kenneth Fong

Venture capitalist and entrepreneur

Frank H. Wu

Distinguished Academic

Dennis Wu

Professional CPA expert

Daniel Chao

Corporate and Non-Profit Executive

Lanhee Chen

Policy expert, Stanford University

Jenny J. Ming

Retail Entrepreneur and CEO

Linda Tsao Yang

Former U.S. Ambassador and first woman Executive Director appointed

Pehong Chen

Pioneering e-business leader

Philip Ma

Biotechnology Executive and Entrepreneur

Stanley Wang

Founder, President and CEO of Pantronix Corporation

Leslie Wong

President, San Francisco State University

Jay Xu

Director and Pioneer, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Chi-Foon Chan

Technology visionary and strategist




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