Committee of 100 hosted its inaugural Annual Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.


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On April 26, the Committee of 100 hosted its inaugural Annual Leadership Summit at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. An integral part of the Committee’s Leadership Development Initiative, the Summit offered mid-level professionals a unique opportunity for career development and networking.

The one-day program included an exclusive Executive Leadership Training facilitated by Columbia Business School Professor William Klepper and roundtable discussions with C100 members on developing leadership skills.

C100 members Chi-Foon Chan, Anne Chow, Robert Gee, Stewart Kwoh, James Li, Jenny Ming, Anna Mok, Timothy Tong, Ming Tsai, Mei-Mei Tuan, Dazong Wang, Ben Wu, and Dali Yang served as roundtable discussion leaders. In addition, 48 participants from across the U.S. and China in fields ranging from finance to non-profit, from science and technology to journalism and entertainment, converged at the inaugural summit.

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Chi-Foon Chan

Technology visionary and strategist

Anne Chow

Communications industry leader

Robert W. Gee

Political consultant and advisor / Washington D.C. Regional Chair

Stewart Kwoh

Nationally recognized civil rights leader

Dali Yang

Professor, University of Chicago




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