Committee of 100 Members Meet with Chinese Consul General Li Qiangmin in Houston

On the evening of December 23, 2015, Committee of 100 members Albert Chao, James Chao,  Leroy Chiao, Paul C.W. Chu, and Harry Gee were hosted by Consul General Li Qiangmin and his wife Zeng Hongyan at his residence in Houston.  

At the meeting, Consul General Li discussed recent social and economic developments in China, as well as cross-strait and U.S.-China bilateral relations. He spoke highly of C-100’s contributions in both China and the U.S., focussing on C-100’s efforts to promote a constructive relationship between the two countries. Consul General Li Qiangmin and participating C-100 members were also joined by other local Chinese diplomats, including Deputy Consul General Li Guixi and Deputy Consul General Zhao Yumin.

The Committee of 100 is honored to have been hosted by Consul General Li Qiangmin this holiday season and looks forward to a continued relationship with the Consulate General of the PRC in Houston.

C-100 Members Albert Chao, James Chao, Leroy Chiao, Paul C.W. Chu, and Harry Gee Meet with Consul General Li Qiangmin (photo courtesy to the Chinese Consulate in Houston)


C-100 Member Paul Chu with General Consul Li Qiangmin and His Wife Zeng Hongyan (photo courtesy to the Chinese Consulate in Houston)


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Albert Chao

Renowned expert in international business and petrochemical industry

James M. Li

Accomplished business leader in the finance industry

Leroy Chiao

Trailblazer and former NASA astronaut

Paul C. W. Chu

Accomplished scientist and professor

Harry Gee, Jr.

Accomplished attorney and humanitarian




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