C100 Washington Delegation Holds Constructive Talks with U.S. State Department

Dominic Ng
Benjamin Wu
Debra Wong Yang
Michael C. Lin
Ming Chen Hsu
Lulu C. Wang
Stewart Kwoh
Frank H. Wu
Robert W. Gee


At the U.S. State Department, from left: Ben Wu, Debra Wong Yang, Michael Lin, Ming Chen Hsu, Lulu C. Wang,

Stewart Kwoh, Dominic Ng, Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, Frank Wu, Angie Tang, and Bob Gee.

A highlight of the Committee’s Washington Leadership Dialogue was a meeting with Assistant Secretary for East Asian and the Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kin Moy.  Assistant Secretary Campbell expressed appreciation for the Committee’s work and underscored the importance of ongoing efforts to build trust between both countries. He praised the Committee’s high caliber events and exchanges and welcomed future collaboration.

C100 Chairman Dominic Ng gave an overview of the Committee’s current goals. Frank Wu summarized the 2012 Opinion Survey’s key findings, capturing the Assistant Secretary’s interest and prompting his ideas on ways to strengthen U.S.-China relations. Stewart Kwoh described the C-100 Leadership Delegations to China, and Lulu Wang shared insights on the impact of the American and Chinese leadership transitions on U.S.-China relations.

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