C100 Northern California Members Convene in San Francisco and Palo Alto

On November 7 and 8, C100 members from the Northern California region held luncheons at Yank Sing in San Francisco and Ming’s Restaurant in Palo Alto. C100 Northern California Regional Co-Chair Dan Chao participated in the luncheons along with members Milton Chang, Weili Dai, Ken Fong, George Koo, Bob Lee, Philip Ma, Stanley Wang, Dennis Wu, and Ken Xie. Members were joined by Holly Chang, C-100 Acting Executive Director, and Lisa Spivey, Northern California Regional Coordinator and National Development Manager.

C-100 Northern California members convene at Ming’s Restaurant in Palo Alto

Members discussed cultivating stronger relationships between members, identifying potential partnering organizations and prospective candidates for membership, and promoting active member engagement through C100 programming. Members also decided to arrange monthly gatherings alternating between San Francisco and Silicon Valley to ensure greater convenience for members in both the North and South Bays.

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Weili Dai

Pioneer in the semi-conductor industry

Ken Xie

Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Fortinet

Kenneth Fong

Venture capitalist and entrepreneur

Philip Ma

Biotechnology Executive and Entrepreneur

Stanley Wang

Founder, President and CEO of Pantronix Corporation

Dennis Wu

Professional CPA expert




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