C100 Members Meet with President Ma Ying-jeou and Participate in Global Views Business Forum in Taipei


Diplomacy-Ng and Ma


C100 Chairman Dominic Ng presents the report of 2012
C100 U.S.-China opinion
survey to President Ma Ying-jeou.

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou hosted a group of Committee of 100 members in his office on November 7, attended by Committee Chairman Dominic Ng, Ronnie Chan, David Chang, Ta-Lin Hsu, Charles Kao, Howard Li, Paul Lin, Dazong Wang, and Ya-Qin Zhang. Among the topics discussed were the Committee’s U.S.-China Public Perceptions Opinion Survey 2012 and the outlook for cross-strait relations.


C100 Chairman Ng addresses the opening session of the
Global Views Business Forum in Taipei.

Committee members were in Taiwan in conjunction with the Tenth Global Views Business Forum organized by Charles Kao, Chairman of Commonwealth Publishing Company. This year’s summit with the theme, “Global Change and New Leadership – Balancing the Interests of Industry, Society, and Government,” was attended by over 400 Chinese business leaders from the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. C100 Chairman Ng delivered opening remarks and praised President Ma’s cross-straits strategy. The Global Times recounts: “[Chairman Ng] said the peaceful development of cross-strait ties is in line with international expectations . . . He urged the delegates to share ideas about cross-strait business and academic exchanges at the summit.”

On November 6, David Chang, Ta-Lin Hsu, Charles Kao, Paul Lin, Dazong Wang, Ya-Qin Zhang, and C100 Chairman Dominic Ng attended a meeting with Vice President Wu Den-yih at the Forum.

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Dominic Ng

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of East West Bank

Ronnie Chan

Eminent leader in philanthropy

David C. Chang

Distinguished academic and leader in civic engagement

Ta-Lin Hsu

Pioneer, Asian venture capital and private equity

Howard Li

International business leader / Greater China Regional Chair

Paul C. Lin

Cross-border corporate transaction specialist

Dazong Wang

Business management expert

Ya-Qin Zhang

Former President, Baidu




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