C100 Members Featured Speakers at Symposiums in Wuhan and Beijing

Carter Tseng
Jeremy Wu

C100 members Carter Tseng, Charlie Sie, and Jeremy Wu represented the Committee at the Tien Chang-Lin Symposium in Wuhan on June 28.

The Tien Chang-Lin Symposium commemorates the late Chang-lin Tien, a founding member of the Committee of 100 and the seventh Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley.  Tien was the first Asian American to head a major university in the United States.  In 2010, the city of Wuhan, Tien’s birthplace, established an annual symposium in recognition of his accomplishments as a scientist and educator.  Over one hundred people participated in this year’s symposium.  Sie spoke about innovation, and Tseng gave a presentation on human capital.  Wu read a letter of greetings from C100 Chairman Dominic Ng and presented findings from the 2012 C100 U.S.-China Public Perceptions Opinion Survey.




C100 members Jeremy Wu, Charlie Sie, and Carter Tseng [center], with
C100 Leadership Scholarship winners Sun Chuanbiao [far left] and Ma Heng [far right].

While in Wuhan, Sie, Tseng, and Wu also met with five former C100 Leadership Scholarship recipients who live in the city. According to Wu, Wuhan reportedly has the highest concentration of college-level students in China (over one million).  The city of Wuhan has generated the most web visits to the C100 opinion survey microsite out of a total of 426 locations in 42 nations and territories.




Wang Xiaoping, Director General of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
of the State Council, hosted a dinner after the Tsinghua Symposium with Jeremy Wu (center). 

On June 30, Wu spoke at the North American Chinese Scholar Tsinghua Symposium in Beijing.  The Tsinghua symposium was organized by the Center for Chinese Entrepreneur Studies (CCES) at Tsinghua University and the Overseas Chinese Historical Society.  Wu, a Senior Adviser to CCES, greeted the 40 participants on behalf of C100 Chairman Ng.   He analyzed the changes in the Chinese American population since the 1860 census, discussed the significance of the recently passed House Resolution on the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, and presented in-depth conclusions from C100’s 2012 survey.  His presentation was covered in Market Daily.

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