C100 Members Delegation Meets with Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong (周文重) in Beijing

On the evening of October 31, 2016, the Committee of 100 delegation met with Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong (周文重),  General Secretary Boao Forum and Former Ambassador to the U.S. (2005-2010) in Beijing. The event was attended by C100 Chairman Frank H. Wu, C100 members Mei-Wei Cheng, Howard Li, Edmond Pi Carter Tseng Dazong Wang, C100 Executive Director Holly Chang, and Greater China Regional Coordinator & Senior Associate Winston Chen .

The C100 delegation and Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong discussed current international trends and the development of U.S.-China relations. Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong praised C100’s continuous efforts in building constructive U.S.-China relations, and introduced the delegation to the prestigious Boao Forum for Asia. The 2017 Boao Forum for Asia will be held in March. This year’s theme is “Asia’s New Challenges: Promoting its Development & Security through Cooperation”. The forum will offer rare opportunities for dialogue among policymakers, government, economists, businesses, technology providers, and financiers from the Asia Pacific and around the world. Ambassador Zhou encouraged C100 to take more active role in U.S.-China dialogue, and participate in the Boao Forum for Asia.

(from left) Holly Chang (staff), Carter Tseng, China Co-Chair Howard Li, Mei-Wei Cheng, Dr. Edmond Pi, Chairman Frank H. Wu, Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong, C100 China Co-Chair Dazong Wang, guest, Winston Chen (staff)


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Carter Tseng

World-class leader in Information and Communication

Howard Li

International business leader / Greater China Regional Chair

Mei-Wei Cheng

International tech buisness leader

Edmond Pi

Professor Emeritus at USC

Frank H. Wu

Distinguished Academic

Dazong Wang

Business management expert




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