C100 hosts the Graduation and Kick-off for the Leadership and Mentoring Program

On December 6, 2014, the Committee of 100 Southern California Leadership and Mentoring Program (LMP) Graduation and Kickoff was held at the Panda Restaurant Group Inc. Headquarters in Rosemead, California. Over 100 attendees celebrated the graduation of the 2014 class of LMP mentees and the commencement of the new LMP cycle.

The 2014 class of C100 LMP mentors and mentees

C100 member Andrew Cherng, Founder of the Panda Restaurant Group, hosted the event and welcomed guests to the Panda Restaurant Headquarters. Stewart Kwoh, C100 Southern California Regional Co-Chair and President and Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles, introduced guests to the LMP program and moderated a panel discussion on life, work, and community. The panel featured C100 members Anne Chow, Senior Vice President of the Premiere Client Group at AT&T Global Services, and Teddy Zee, award-winning Hollywood producer, as well as LMP alumna Cyndie Chang, Managing Partner at Duane Morris LLP.

C100 members Stewart Kwoh, Anne Chow, and Teddy Zee and LMP alumna Cyndie Chang discuss their professional and personal growth at the LMP Graduation and Kickoff

Following the panel discussion, Charlie Woo, C100 Southern California Regional Co-Chair and CEO of Megatoys, shared his reflections on being an LMP mentor. As a mentor since the program’s inception in 2010, Charlie has witnessed the professional growth of over 60 mentees in a variety of career fields. During the graduation ceremony, C100 members Anne Shen Smith, former CEO of the Southern California Gas Company, and Herman Li, C100 Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of the C & L Restaurant Group, distributed the graduation certificates. Three mentee alumni – Yiwen Li, Rachel Bai, and Kwiri Yang – shared their experiences in the LMP program with guests, highlighting the program’s impact on their professional and personal development.

In his concluding remarks, Stewart Kwoh explained the application process for the next LMP cycle. Interested applicants must submit a completed questionnaire, resume, and one to two recommendation letters by January 31, 2015. For additional application instructions, please click here.

The event generated immense interest in the LMP program, and attendees expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn from and network with C100 members and LMP mentees and alumni.

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Andrew J.C. Cherng

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Chairman of the C & L Restaurant Group




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